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Institute Overview

Tyndale University (Tyndale) is an evangelical, trans-denominational institution of Christian higher education, located in Toronto. At Tyndale, students from across Canada and the world from a wide range of demographic, ethnic and denominational backgrounds prepare for graduate study or a career. Tyndale offers the Bachelor of Education degree as well as the Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in business administration, psychology, english, history, philosophy, linguistics, human services, and religious studies. Students may also study towards the Bachelor of Religious Education degree in one of four ministry-oriented foci.


  • Tyndale is a small, safe, and caring community, whose goal is to develop the whole student - body, mind, and soul
  • Tyndale's faculty are mentors dedicated to both teaching and research
  • Tyndale has multiple opportunities for student leadership, spanning from student council and residence advisers to research assistants and missions teams
  • Many of Tyndale's programs offer practical internships and research opportunities, helping students with the job market and graduate schools, including McMaster University, the University of Western Ontario, Wheaton University and the Free University of Amsterdam

  • Institute Accreditation

    National Accreditation

    Colleges in Canada Association for Biblical Higher Education

    Provincial Accreditation

    Colleges in Canada Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

    Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates Offered

    Colleges in Canada Bachelor's Degrees 3 - 4 yrs
    Colleges in Canada Certificates < 1 yr
    Colleges in Canada Diplomas 1 - 3 yrs

    Program Majors

    Prgram Majors Business Administration
    Prgram Majors Education
    Prgram Majors Humanities
    Prgram Majors Religious Studies

    Academic Options for Students

    Colleges in Canada Co-op Education/Work Experience Programs
    Colleges in Canada Part-Time Programs
    Colleges in Canada Visiting/Exchange Student Programs

    Admissions & Tuition

    # Students Admitted to 1st Year:  167
     % Accepted: 35
     Minimum GPA: 2.0
     Application Deadline
    Notification of Acceptance
    Advanced Acceptance to Fall Semester: 
    Fall Semester: 
    Winter Semester: 
    Spring Semester: 
    Summer Semester: 
    Campus StarterRolling Admissions Campus StarterRolling Notification
    Annual Tuition (C$): 12,960
    Student Health Care Coverage: Not Provided
    Institute Scholarships & Bursaries Available: Yes
    Estimated Total Cost of Tuition for Degree/Diploma (C$): 52,000

    Scholarships/Awards and Financial Assistance

    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Loan Programs

    Institute Support for Students

    Colleges in Canada Academic Counselling
    Colleges in Canada Career and Employment Counselling
    Colleges in Canada Chaplaincy
    Colleges in Canada Incoming Student Orientation and Advising
    Colleges in Canada Peer Counselling and Buddy Programs

    Buildings & Facilities

    Tyndale is located in a residential area in North York, steps away from the public transit. There are six dorms with up to 180 students living in residence. The facilities include a gym, work out area, cafeteria, a coffee shop and a few lounge areas. There is a movie lounge, complete with theatre seating. Everything is interconnected, allowing students to stay inside while moving around campus. In June 2013, Tyndale will be moving to Bayview Avenue with a 200-acre new campus previously known as the Sisters of St. Joseph's Morrow Park Property.

    Tyndale University College
    25 Ballyconnor Court
    Toronto, Ontario M2M 4B3
    Phone:  1-877-896-3253
    Fax: 1-416-226-6746

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    School News
    Christian Higher Education Canada Member Institute Overview
    Canadian Schools Year Institute Founded: 1894
    Canadian Schools # of Full-Time Faculty: 30
    Canadian Schools Opportunities for Part-Time Study: Yes
    Canadian Schools # of Campuses: 1
    Canadian Schools Campus Setting (Main Campus): Suburban
    Canadian Schools Nearest City (Main Campus): Toronto
    Canadian Schools City Population: 2,500,000
    Canadian Schools Cost of Living: High
    Canadian Schools Climate Range: -15°C to 30°C

    Student Profile
    Canadian Schools Total Undergraduate Program Enrolment (all years): 550
    Canadian Schools % of Out-of-Province Students (all years): 7
    Canadian Schools % of Undergraduate International Students (all years): 1
    Canadian Schools # Countries of Origin: 10 or less
    Canadian Schools Famous Alumni:
      Ravi Zacharias
      Lorna Dueck
      Bruxy Cavey

    On-Campus Housing
    Canadian Schools On-campus Housing Available: Yes
    Canadian Schools # Students with On-campus Housing: 180
    Canadian Schools Preference Given to Entering Students: First come/First served
    Canadian Schools  Per Semester/with Meal Plan (C$): 2,595
    Canadian Schools Style of Accommodation:
      Canadian Colleges Coed on Separate Floors
    Canadian Schools Type of Accommodation:
      Canadian Colleges Double Rooms
      Canadian Colleges Single Rooms
    Tyndale University College
    Tyndale University College
    Tyndale University College
    Tyndale University College
    Tyndale University College
    Tyndale University College