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Institute Overview

Rocky Mountain College (RMC) is located in the rapidly growing city of Calgary, Alberta which provides many opportunities for students to obtain excellent employment and field education opportunities. At the core of RMC is a desire for students to not only learn how to 'be change' in the classroom, but to get out into their field and learn to 'be change' in the world.

RMC offers a number of one, two, three and four year programs in Christian Leadership, Religious Studies, Global Studies, Theatre Arts (through a partnership with a local church), Worship Arts and Human Services.

Potential students are encouraged to ask the hard questions and pray about a decision; RMC is thrilled to have all interested students apply.

Contact RMC at:, 1-877-YOUnRMC, or check out on Facebook.


RMC provides students with excellent growing opportnities to 'Be Change'. Students can expect to experience the following:
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Multi-Demoninational
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical Experience

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    Institute Accreditation

    National Accreditation

    Colleges in Canada Association for Biblical Higher Education

    Provincial Accreditation

    Colleges in Canada Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

    Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates Offered

    Colleges in Canada Associate's Degrees 2 - 3 yrs
    Colleges in Canada Bachelor's Degrees 3 - 4 yrs
    Colleges in Canada Certificates < 1 yr
    Colleges in Canada Diplomas 1 - 3 yrs

    Program Majors

    Prgram Majors Humanities
    Prgram Majors Religious Studies
    Prgram Majors Visual Arts

    Academic Options for Students

    Colleges in Canada Part-Time Programs
    Colleges in Canada Visiting/Exchange Student Programs

    Admissions & Tuition

    # Students Admitted to 1st Year:  100
     % Accepted: 70
     Open Admissions: Yes
     Application Deadline
    Notification of Acceptance
    Advanced Acceptance to Fall Semester: 
    Fall Semester: 
    Winter Semester: 
    Spring Semester: 
    Summer Semester: 
    Campus StarterRolling Admissions Campus StarterRolling Notification
    Annual Tuition (C$): 8,000 - 9,000
    Student Health Care Coverage: Available Through Institution
    Institute Scholarships & Bursaries Available: Yes

    Scholarships/Awards and Financial Assistance

    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Bursary Programs
    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Loan Programs
    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Scholarship Programs

    Institute Support for Students

    Colleges in Canada Academic Counselling
    Colleges in Canada Career and Employment Counselling
    Colleges in Canada Incoming Student Orientation and Advising
    Colleges in Canada Peer Counselling and Buddy Programs

    Buildings & Facilities

    RMC is situated in Calgary, the largest city in Alberta. Approximately 1.1 million people call Calgary home. The city is located approximately an hour and 45 minutes drive from the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains. RMC has many amenities on campus, including a library, a computer lab, a games room, a coffee shop, and plenty of parking. RMC is very close to one of Calgary's many C-Train stations as well as multiple bus routes. Students also have the opportunity to use the University of Calgary recreational facilities.

    Rocky Mountain College
    4039 Brentwood Road
    Calgary, Alberta T2L 1L1
    Phone:  1-403-284-5100
    Fax: 1-403-220-9567

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    Christian Higher Education Canada Member Institute Overview
    Canadian Schools Year Institute Founded: 1992
    Canadian Schools Opportunities for Part-Time Study: Yes
    Canadian Schools Opportunities for Online Study: Yes
    Canadian Schools # of Campuses: 1
    Canadian Schools Campus Setting (Main Campus): Suburban
    Canadian Schools Nearest City (Main Campus): Calgary
    Canadian Schools City Population: 1,000,000
    Canadian Schools Cost of Living: Medium
    Canadian Schools Climate Range: -15°C to 22°C

    Student Profile
    Canadian Schools Total Undergraduate Program Enrolment (all years): 200
    Canadian Schools # Countries of Origin: 10 or less

    On-Campus Housing
    Canadian Schools On-campus Housing Available: No
    Canadian Schools Preference Given to Entering Students: First come/First served
    Canadian Schools  Per Semester/without Meal Plan (C$): 1,500 - 1,650
    Canadian Schools Style of Accommodation:
      Canadian Colleges Coed on Separate Floors
    Canadian Schools Type of Accommodation:
      Canadian Colleges Triple/Quad Rooms
    Rocky Mountain College
    Rocky Mountain College
    Rocky Mountain College
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