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Institute Overview

SSU is Canada's smallest university, accepting 30 new students each year; everyone knows each other, and professors share daily life with students. It's a Liberal Arts university in an affirming, inclusive, progressive Christian community, inspiring transformative learning and growth through community living, world travel and mind-expanding classes. Students study Humanities, Psychology or International Studies and get a broad educational foundation for diverse careers or further study. They also get to explore and develop their spirituality as part of their educational experience, integrating deep questions of faith, identity and vocation into their degree program. Plus world travel!


  • All students travel to Europe and Asia with their whole class, for two whole terms, for full credit.
  • Because of its size, everyone gets individual attention and is valued as part of the community. We think learning works best when professors KNOW the students in the room, and can interact with each one of them.
  • It's a place to figure out who you are, what you're good at, what you want out of life and what you can contribute to the world. Our aim is to graduate thoughtful, humble, passionate people who actively contribute to their communities.

  • Institute Accreditation

    Provincial Accreditation

    Colleges in Canada New Brunswick Department of Education

    Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates Offered

    Colleges in Canada Bachelor's Degrees 3 - 4 yrs
    Colleges in Canada Certificates < 1 yr
    Colleges in Canada Diplomas 1 - 3 yrs
    Colleges in Canada Master's Degrees 1 - 2 yrs
    Colleges in Canada University Transfer Programs

    Program Majors

    Prgram Majors Humanities

    Academic Options for Students

    Colleges in Canada Online Programs
    Colleges in Canada Part-Time Programs

    Admissions & Tuition

    # Students Admitted to 1st Year:  30
     % Accepted: 95
     Application Deadline
    Notification of Acceptance
    Advanced Acceptance to Fall Semester: 
    Fall Semester: 
    Winter Semester: 
    Spring Semester: 
    Summer Semester: 
    Campus StarterRolling Admissions Campus StarterRolling Notification
    Annual Tuition (C$): 11,400
    Student Health Care Coverage: Included in Tuition
    Institute Scholarships & Bursaries Available: Yes
    Estimated Total Cost of Tuition for Degree/Diploma (C$): 40,000

    Scholarships/Awards and Financial Assistance

    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Bursary Programs
    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Loan Programs
    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Scholarship Programs
    Colleges in Canada Canadian Student Work Opportunities Programs

    Institute Support for Students

    Colleges in Canada Academic Counselling
    Colleges in Canada Career and Employment Counselling
    Colleges in Canada Chaplaincy
    Colleges in Canada Disabilities Resources
    Colleges in Canada Health Services
    Colleges in Canada Incoming Student Orientation and Advising
    Colleges in Canada Native Student Services
    Colleges in Canada Services for Underrepresented Minorities
    Colleges in Canada Women's Services

    Buildings & Facilities

    SSU centres around a historic 19th Century hotel converted into dorms, classrooms, rec rooms and dining facilities. It's in a little rural town, right on the border with Calais, Maine, USA. We don't have a big campus - this university is more about the people than facilities! But we have everything you need to make your university experience totally life-changing. There are local sports facilities right nearby, and shops, restaurants and coffee shops just steps away. We offer daily home-cooked meals that students help prepare, and we all eat together, kind of like a big family!

    St. Stephen's University
    8 Main Street
    St. Stephen, NB E3L 3E2
    Phone:  (506) 466-1781
    Fax: (506) 466-1783

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    Christian Higher Education Canada Member Institute Overview
    Canadian Schools Year Institute Founded: 1971
    Canadian Schools # of Full-Time Faculty: 8
    Canadian Schools Opportunities for Part-Time Study: Yes
    Canadian Schools Opportunities for Online Study: Yes
    Canadian Schools # of Campuses: 1
    Canadian Schools Campus Setting (Main Campus): Suburban
    Canadian Schools Nearest City (Main Campus): St. Stephen
    Canadian Schools City Population: 4,500
    Canadian Schools Cost of Living: Low
    Canadian Schools Climate Range: -15°C to 25°C

    Student Profile
    Canadian Schools Total Undergraduate Program Enrolment (all years): 120
    Canadian Schools % of Out-of-Province Students (all years): 100
    Canadian Schools % of Undergraduate International Students (all years): 5
    Canadian Schools # Countries of Origin: 10 or less

    On-Campus Housing
    Canadian Schools On-campus Housing Available: Yes
    Canadian Schools # Students with On-campus Housing: 60
    Canadian Schools Preference Given to Entering Students: Guaranteed
    Canadian Schools  Per Semester/with Meal Plan (C$): 3,050
    Canadian Schools  Per Semester/without Meal Plan (C$): 1,525
    Canadian Schools Style of Accommodation:
      Canadian Colleges Coed on Separate Floors
      Canadian Colleges Married/Family
    Canadian Schools Type of Accommodation:
      Canadian Colleges Double Rooms
      Canadian Colleges Single Rooms
    St. Stephen's University
    St. Stephen's University
    St. Stephen's University
    St. Stephen's University
    St. Stephen's University
    St. Stephen's University