Agriculture and Bio-Resources

These days everyone is talking about the environment. Careers in agriculture and bio-resources demand a fascination for research and development and a deep-rooted commitment to sustaining the environment, our natural resoucres and our own food supply.

Career opportunitiess available to today's agriculture and bio-resources graduates are constantly growing and range from the international buying and trading of agricultural produce to general management in agricultural-related industries such as agrochemicals, machinery manufacture and animal feeds. Occupations related to the production, processing, distribution and retailing of products in the food, drink and tobacco industries are also available, and other career opportunities within the agricultural and bio-resource sectors include employment in animal and poultry science, aquaculture, crop and soil science, environmental science, food science and technology through veterinary science, to name just a few.

Whether you're looking for a degree or diploma, there are lots of options at Canada's universities, community colleges, Christian colleges and career colleges to feed your interest in agriculture and bio-resources!

Agriculture and Bio-Resources
Defined: 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs, 2-year associate's degree programs, and 2- 3 year diploma programs in agriculture and bio-resources.

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