Applying To Applied Business Technology School

Students enter community college diploma programs in applied business technology directly from high school. Students must apply using the using the post-secondary application service of their respective province or directly to the institute.

Community colleges generally offer open admission in which students are admitted on a first-come first-served basis. However, admission to most community college applied business technology programs also requires students to submit proof of completion of a secondary school diploma or equivalent along with acceptable performance in required subjects such as English and math. In selecting applicants, the business school or program department may also ask an applicant to attend an interview, take an admissions test, complete a questionnaire, or demonstrate his or her skills and aptitudes for the program.

Admission to career college applied business programs requires that applicants demonstrate academic proficiency in subjects such as English and math and, in some instances, keyboarding skills. Additionally, applicants may be required to write an essay and attend an interview.

Career colleges differ from community colleges in that some offer continuous enrolment with programs starting every month; others operate on a more traditional semester system with a fall and/ or winter intake. Many career colleges therefore have no cut-off dates for admission and instead process applications all year round. Others have specific deadlines after which applications are no longer considered. Both community colleges and career colleges with internal scholarships and bursaries may encourage early application in order to qualify for these awards and financial assistance. At this level as well, application consists of an official application form (usually downloaded), a fee, transcripts, and any of the additional requirements mentioned above.

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