Applying To Business School

Most Canadian Business School BCom and other bachelor's programs are quota programs in which the schools have an overall target number for students registered in all years and the intake in any year will be variable depending on how many students are continuing from the previous year. This applies to direct entry and non-direct entry programs. Typically, the business schools receive many more applicants than they can accept in the admission year.

Students that enter into the business school directly from high school are admitted largely on their high school grade point average (GPA), although other factors such as extra-curricular activities--school and/or community organizations, clubs or teams--may be considered. The business school may also ask applicants to attend an interview, take an admissions test, complete a questionnaire, or write an essay ranging between 2,000 and 4,000 words on why they are the right pick for their program. Students must apply using the using the post-secondary application service of their respective province.

Students entering into business school after one or two years of foundation studies are assessed on a variety of factors before making a decision. While high school grades and courses are required for admission to direct entry business schools, they are not considered when applying to a non-direct entry program. Typically, qualified applicants are ranked according to their grade point average (GPA) in their most recent years of university study, with the greatest weight given to the most recent term. The competitive GPA can change from year to year as it is based on the quality of the applicant pool and space available in the program quota.

Since most business schools have either two or three application deadlines/rounds, applying in the first round will increase an applicant’s chances of admission, because there are more empty spots available. By the time the third round has commenced, many students have already been accepted, which lessens later applicants' chances considerably.

Community colleges generally offer open admission in which students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. However, admission to most community college business schools is also competitive -- students must submit proof of completion of a secondary school diploma or equivalent along with acceptable performance in required subjects such as English and math. Typically students are admitted directly into the business school. In selecting applicants for highly competitive programs, the business school may also ask an applicant to attend an interview, take an admissions test, complete a questionnaire, or demonstrate his or her skills and aptitudes for the program.

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