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Announcing the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership

Deciding on the school of your choice takes a lot of planning. Sending applications, arranging transcripts - not to mention getting the grades for the program you're after. But certain students tackle more than just the standard challenges of high school. Whether serving as mentors, helping the needy or lobbying governments, they make a dedicated effort to solve problems in their communities. TD C... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Budget Cents: Managing Your Money While You're Just Barely Managing to Finish Your Homework!

Starting out at university is a pretty big transition for most people. It's the first time you're away from your family home, the first time you're solely responsible for getting up and out for class, and the first time you're seriously attempting to manage your money! It was one thing to save up some cash from your part time job during high school for that new XBox 360 game, but it's a whole othe... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Financial Aid

In an ideal world, education would be free. However, so would popcorn, CDs, cell phones and designer purses. Almost all students need some form of financial aid, so it's important to know what's what when talking financial aid. So if you don't know your bursary from your scholarship, check out the information below!Amortization: The process of gradually repaying your loan over an ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Hang Up Your Hairnet

You’ve worked a few minimum wage jobs in the past. But now that you’re going to university, you have to try to earn your tuition over the summer and still be able to eat. Using the skills you acquired from past “joe jobs”, you’ll be able to get better wages and more exciting work. Temping for an employment agency is one way to break into the professional world and isn&#... > [more] Canadian Article Search

There's Something about Money

Broke or Budget? Don't be intimidated by the "B" word. It's simply an organized way of managing your money. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It gives you an overall picture of where your money is coming from, when it's coming from, when it's coming in and how it's being spent. Above all, a budget should be flexible, changing according to your situation. Budgeting helps... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What are you waiting for?

While you may have considered the final semester of high school to be a time to kick back and have some fun, the reality is that you need to be preparing for your college and university career. Consider the following: College and University Decisions Acceptance letters from post secondary institutions start arriving in March and April. If by the 15th of April you still haven't recei... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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