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Are you a slacker?

1. It's the night of the big test. Where would you be found? a) In front of the television -- where else? They don't call it "must-see TV" for nothing, ya know. b) At your desk, reviewing the careful notes you've been taking in class, and preparing your flash cards. c) At the coffee maker, making enough to keep you awake for the all-nighter you're gonna need. 2. When your teach... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Can U Chat UR Way to an A?

Cruise through any youth chat room, and there are a lot of panicked students posting messages like, “EMERGENCY! ENGLISH MIDTERM TOMORROW: HAS ANYONE READ ‘TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD?’” Other students buy essays online and hand them in. While this is definitely NOT the way to do your homework, it doesn’t mean the Internet is a bad place to study. You can find the answers to almost anything on the net, ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Dealing with Test Anxiety

What is test anxiety? Let's face it, everyone feels a little anxious before they take a test so how can you know if you've got test anxiety or just a normal case of the nerves? If the anxiety you feel before a test is a result of not preparing, it's a normal reaction. However, if you are adequately prepared but still panic, your reaction is not normal and you may suffer from test anxiety. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Dig Out of the Procrastination Pit

When my nephew, Mike (Some names have been changed), went away to university to study engineering, he was bogged down with more work than he could have imagined. Mike was always scrambling to get assignments done. All-nighters fueled by coffee and panic sometimes even turned into how-much-can-he-get-done-before-class-is-over-and-he-has-to-hand-it-in sessions. One day, as Mike slouched in his desk ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

How Good is your Memory?

With finals coming up, this is an important question. All learning depends on memory. We remember things by association so each piece of information is linked to other pieces of information in one way or another. A study conducted on memory, determined that the manner in which we study is more important than how long we study. Anything you want to learn and remember should be sta... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Learning How to Learn

During my student years, I was always frustrated trying to meet deadlines, get good marks and “have a life” at the same time. I thought a study skills workshop might help, but the workshop times always seemed to conflict with class times or other commitments. Finally, when I became a graduate student in psychology, I received training in teaching study skills. This training drastically change... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Learning Styles

Whether it is wrapping your mind around fractions or trying to find the adverb in the sentence, there is always something in learning that confounds us. After the grueling task of trying and failing to grasp the concept, one ends up saying, "I'm not a math person" or "I hate grammar!”. What if it is not about you but the approach in which it is taught? If there are a number of different p... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Psych Out Your Teacher!

Your English paper lands on your desk with a big “C” in red at the top. Whatthe?!?!? You worked so hard, but you just didn’t make the grade. You read the teacher’s comments and you still don’t get what went wrong. Your other assignments are now looming like a big ugly rainstorm. You’re hosed. Or are you? Sometimes you need to do more than work hard to get good grades — you have ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Staying In School

The growth in vocational schools, specialised learning environments and summer school has provided an alternative way for students to finish their education. Students struggling in the traditional classroom environment might find these alternatives as a way to complete their high school education and join the working world. Vocational Schools Vocational schools are becoming a very popul... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Not-So-Dreaded Group Project, Take One!

Start Your Projects! The teacher has just made the dreaded announcement, “We’re doing a group project.” He or she has just divided you into groups, so you awkwardly waddle-drag your desk over to the circle of people you will be working with. You all stare at each other, wondering, “What do we do now?” Follow these three steps and you’ll find that your group will have a game plan that’s manage... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Not-So-Dreaded Group Project, Take Two

What’s Your Group Project Personality Type: — Controller, Work Horse, Socialite or Slacker? Group projects are like a big game of Risk — you have to figure out what kind of people you’ll be working with or you’re history. If you all are hard workers and get along really well, group projects can be fun. Groups can do a bigger, more interesting topic or a more ambitious project, and, if everyone... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What Not to do to Your Professor

Making the change from high school to university can be challenging at first, but with a few pointers on what not to do, you can be on your prof's favourite student list faster than you can say mid-term! What Not to do to Your Professor! Have some class in class! Please don't arrive late to class and make a scene shuffling papers and wrestling out of your... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where's Your Brain?

Where's your brain? Are you right-brained or left-brained? Are you logical and analytical or do you prefer to rely on your dreams and intuition? Do you meticulously plan all your actions or do you just spontaneously get up and go? The way you answer these questions may determine whether you are right- brained or left-brained. Being aware of which hemisphere of your brain is dominant can help ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Will You Make It Through Your Finals?

When it comes right down to it, you may have difficulty studying—maybe you are struggling with the topic, maybe you have a very busy schedule to prioritise or maybe you just want the year to be over. Whatever your personal challenges are, here are some steps to help you through this stressful time: • Tackle your toughest subject first. You'll get through it quicker. • Study earl... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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