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Behind the Wheel

It's the moment you've been waiting for. You're finally old enough to qualify for your driver's license and you're anxious to get behind the wheel. You can already see yourself - sunglasses on, of course - with a car-load of friends, the music turned up as high as it will go, cruising to your favourite hangout . . . to freedom. It's easy, right? You just get someone to teach you the basics then pa... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Graduation Day

Well, graduation is just around the corner - can you believe it?! While you've been focusing most of your energy on final exams and choosing which university or college you'll attend, the staff at Campus Starter has collected a few definitions you're bound to hear as you literally put the cap on your high school days. Grade Point Average The average grade earned by a student, figured by... > [more] Canadian Article Search

High Schools Have New Partners

While most high school students were splashing about at the beach, Vedrana Toperic spent her summer vacation swimming in very different kind of currents and waves. By taking a summer course in digital circuitry at the DeVry Institute of Technology’s Scarborough campus, Toperic was one of twenty-four students from Georges Vanier Secondary School who earned one more credit towards her high s... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Is it a Rite of Spring Break?

If you've looked at the calendar recently you'll notice that March Break is just around the corner. To celebrate this much-needed mini holiday we thought we'd uncover how it all got started. Through our best efforts we found a few urban myths that however unlikely, are still fun to read. Myth One: One of the earliest accounts of March Break comes from the famous Greek philosopher Socrat... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Life as a Senior

Ah, that last year of high school. You're on the home stretch. Taking it easy and partying it up during your senior year may seem like a nice break, but it can actually do more harm than good. Sure, you've worked hard over the years, taking tests, completing projects and preparing for admission into the university or college of your choice. You probably deserve a little r and r, but you can't jus... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Prom—Going for Broke?!

Ahhh, prom night; the fantasy night for many a high school boy and girl. Thoughts of new dresses/suits, a limo ride, and flowers swim throughout the hallways in the weeks leading up to the prom. Finally, that guy/girl you have been eyeing up has asked you to be their date! Now…how the heck are you going to pay for everything on your meager salary flipping greasy burgers on the weekend? Relax, ther... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Seeking Guidance

They're approachable, supportive and caring. Whether you need assistance sorting out your timetable, registering for classes, planning for post-secondary studies or working through personal issues, guidance counsellors are available to help you. Guidance counsellors provide you with support and counselling services to help you succeed. In addition to assisting with academic planning and career ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Sounds like Team Spirit

Have you ever wondered who would be crazy enough to dress in a big furry mascot suit and run around an athletic field? Mascots have to be a little bit crazy, very creative, and passionate about entertaining says Mitch McNicol, a University of Saskatchewan student who dresses up as Howler at Huskie Athletics home games. The second-year arts and science student can be found at Huskie games on ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Staying In School

The growth in vocational schools, specialised learning environments and summer school has provided an alternative way for students to finish their education. Students struggling in the traditional classroom environment might find these alternatives as a way to complete their high school education and join the working world. Vocational Schools Vocational schools are becoming a very popul... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Great Divide

As students gear up for summer vacation, the great divide begins. For those who have a need to read, the two-month lull will be filled with longing thoughts of the fall term. For the student of life however, summer vacation can be summed up in one word—freedom. Inevitably, both groups will at some point utter, "I'm bored". Fear not! We here at Campus Starter have come up with a few life-saving... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What I Wished I Had Known in High School

Sometimes I walk down the street, watching the crowds and thinking, “What was high school like for them?” So this week, instead of hitting the streets, we’ve brought this curiosity to the cubicles of the EI publishing staff, and asked them, “What do you wish you had known in High School?” We’ve got a lot of collective wisdom here to help you get through high school. So listen up while some of ... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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