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A Career in Law? Motion Granted!

Sure, you're probably attracted to a career in law for a few notable reasons, the prestige, the power, the chance to change the world - not to mention the money! But, are you really competitive enough to be a lawyer? Many students join the field of law to fight the bad guys but find themselves not competitive enough, leaving most just feeling jaded about the profession. Many lawyers and law st... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Accidental Careers

When you don’t know what to do with your life, an accidental encounter may just fill your prescription. When Vancouverite Shannon Sanborn somersaulted on her rollerblades, she also crashed headlong into the health care system. Two paramedics collected her from the sidewalk, the emergency room nurse checked her out, a physician ordered X-rays, and a nurse’s aide wheeled her up so the X-ray tech... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Accountancy? Cheque it out!

Got your pocket protector? Check. Got your high wasted pants on? Check. Completely deleted your sense of humour? Check. Congratulations! You've just identified a completely inaccurate, yet well known stereotype of an accountant.Accountancy is one of the most interesting and exciting careers around, with a range of different areas that you can specialize in. So if you like being challenge... > [more] Canadian Article Search

An artsy-fartsy person

“I love art. I love to draw and paint and do crafts. But I need a job. I need to decide a direction for my life. I want to continue with my art, but can I also find a career that pays my bills?” These were the thoughts that plagued Sara Paine when the time came for her to choose a university to attend after graduating in the spring of 1999 from Woodstock High School in Woodstock, N.B. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Behind the Microscope

Thinking of pursuing a career in laboratory research? Campus Starter met with 4 lab techs to get a realistic view on a career in the sciences. Here are our contributors: Pascal Desrosiers– 29, has worked as a lab technician for PROCREA BioSciences fertility clinic, for the past four years. He does everything from sperm counts and fertilising eggs to assisting doctors with embryo tran... > [more] Canadian Article Search

By the Book

When people think of law, most think only of the work done by lawyers and judges and their related careers. Campus Starter took a closer look at a few of the many other professional careers associated with the administration of justice. While these careers may not be profiled in television courtroom dramas or legal thriller novels, they are just as essential for keeping the justice system running ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Can You Picture It? Work in the Visual Arts

The academic visual arts field is indeed broad in its scope. There are a mind-boggling number of program combinations to be made within the arts. The common elements however, are creativity, artistic vision, and scholarship. It is one thing to be born with artistic talent and create amazing, museum-ready works of art out of finger paints and construction paper, but realistically, most of us ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choice: Science

AstronomerAre you hooked on sci-fi? Ever thought about a career studying galaxies far, far away? If you are fascinated with the night sky and the idea of exploring the universe, then a career as an astronomer may be right for you. Astronomers research the universe and the life and death of stars. A solid background in math and physics is required for those pursuing further studies in... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choices: Business

If we were to list all of the various careers in business, Campus Starter would be looking less like a magazine and more like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Here's a little taster of the range of careers that are available in business. No hobbits were killed in the writing of this article. AccountantOK, so we all like money, but do you enjoy working with it? Perhaps you do you... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choices: Liberal Arts

Liberal arts graduates can do almost anything - but too much choice can mean that it's hard to decide what to do. Here are some ideas to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of careers that liberal arts grads can go into. Editor When you walk through the grocery store, do you freak out when you see signs for "tomotoe's" and roll your eyes when you spy a cake iced with "Yo... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choices: Media and the Arts

Fashion Designers A fashion designer has to be up to date with the markets globally, and have a natural eye for style, form and fit. Sure, it seems like the job would be mostly drawing and sewing, but designers also have to be knowledgeable business people constantly aware of producing a profitable clothing line. Fashion designers generally sketch, design and create samples, and then present ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Explosion

“While I was getting the crowd ready to sing karaoke in an Agassiz, B.C. bar, it hit me: This is no career.”That’s how Pauline Westlin describes her zigzagging education and work life before landing a job as a systems verification engineer at Nortel Networks in Ottawa. “I just love my engineering job,” she raves. “I wake up every morning and it’s like ‘WOW.’” Between karaoke hostessing and be... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences

Agriculturist are scientists who advise farmers on soil management, breeding, animals' living conditions, crop protection, environmental sustainability, disease, and harvesting. Agriculturists are trained in general agricultural studies but usually specialize either on the job or in a master's program in one or more areas of agricultural science. Crop specialization: crops, soil f... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Engineering and Technology

Software Testing Engineer: Before a computer company launches a new product, they must first test the software. Software testing engineers are responsible for running the new software through a series of tests to determine whether or not there are bugs in the system before it is launched to consumers. It's a big job, but lots of fun. Testers enjoy getting into the product and reviewing its d... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Law and Security

Arbitrators facilitate and decide disputes that bind both labour and management to specific terms and conditions of labour contracts. Arbitration is less formal than litigation since the arbitrator acts as a third party, listening to, assessing and making sound decisions on each specific case without forming judgements. Bailiffs assist judges in supervising prisoners while in cour... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Social Services

Art Therapist Art therapists believe that there is meaning behind all works of art. Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy attempting to reconcile emotional conflict and promote personal growth. Unlike conventional methods of treatment, it emphasizes non-verbal communication utilizing simple art materials. Art therapy is designed to facilitate a line of communication between the patient an... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Engineer Yourself a Career

Without engineers, life would be pretty boring. When you get home from school, do you like to slouch in front of the computer, surf the net, and send an email or two? Thank an engineer. Maybe you travel on buses, ride a bike, or drive a car. Thank an engineer. Or maybe you just like to chill out chatting to your friends on the phone. Again, thank an engineer. OK, you get the picture. But wh... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Evolution of a Career in Biotechnology

Everyone knows the hype that centred on Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep. But there is a huge team of scientists and technologists behind the scenes that made Dolly possible. Campus Starter sat down with Dr. Ron James, now retired former Managing Director of PPL Therapeutics (the company that cloned Dolly), to talk about how students can get started in the fascinating field of biotechnology&#... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Hey, What's Your Sign?

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to choosing a career; guidance counsellors, parents and friends are all quick to suggest several options. For fun, Campus Starter looked to the stars to find out what you future might hold. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Aries are competitive in both business and life and they really hate to lose. Those born under Aries like to be the leader and aren't a... > [more] Canadian Article Search

High-tech TV Cops vs. Today's Reality

You wouldn't think that computer and technology skills would be a requirement for somebody wanting to enter the field of law and security but with today's rapidly advancing technology and computers entering the workplace, these skills are definitely a must. Computers are able to record and cross-reference important facts from all over the world, allowing law enforcement officers to do their jobs b... > [more] Canadian Article Search

I, Spy!

Imagine a typical day of work, making a living as a spy: tearing through the streets of exotic locales in your suped-up, gadget-ridden car, rappelling down the sides of buildings and then cracking the secret code just in time to disarm the bomb and save the world. While this may fit the bill in a James Bond movie, most people who work in the field of espionage are more likely to look like your nei... > [more] Canadian Article Search

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!

Chef David Wong, Executive Sous Chef of the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel -- Globe@YVR. As the Executive Sous Chef at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, Chef David Wong is constantly on the go. If he's not creating amazing meals for his guests at the hotel's Globe@YVR, preparing to represent Canada in international competition, or making guest appearances on television (see him in action th... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Inside an Entertaining Trade

Don't think the trades are for you? Don't dismiss them so fast, you might be canceling out some occupations you would enjoy without even realizing it. In the entertainment industry for instance, a camera-person and a make-up artist are both considered tradespeople. "We are constantly dealing with the question, should we call it a trade, should we call it a craft, should we call it an art, it's a s... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Just Another Day at Work with Flipper and Willy

If you've spent your whole life wanting to swim with dolphins and train whales, you better keep your options open. Just as very few people see the dream of becoming a rock star realized, only a few more actually find employment training whales or other marine mammals. In fact, if every person who wanted to train dolphins actually got a job doing it then almost all of the mammals would have their o... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Laughing at Liberal Arts? Then the Joke's on You!

Liberal arts students have been the butt of jokes for years…yet liberal arts graduates continue to have great careers and be successful in a number of industries. So if you want a fast-paced career, rather than a fast-food one, you might think about studying a liberal art! So, this one joke I heard involves a biologist, a doctor and a liberal arts grad…. If you type 'l... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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