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“What experience do you have?”

These are possibly the five most terrifying words a potential employer can ask a recent graduate. And the answer could be the most terrifying thing you have ever had to say. Sure you can say that you’re a long-time student of life, you’re a quick learner and eager to take on new tasks. But most employers will likely see through your inexperience, politely escort you to the door and then file your ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Best Case Scenario

Your co-op's about to start and you can't wait! Finally you get a glimpse of the working world but a glimpse is all it will be. Most employers consider a co-op student's employment to be temporary. That means many students in a coop position won't receive the benefits, bonuses and advantages that their coworkers enjoy. Before beginning any co-op position, make sure you are aware of all of the cond... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Business Under the Midnight Sun

Lindsay Burton will be the first to say you can’t learn everything in a classroom. As part of the Co-op program, she spent a semester in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories learning about accounting, diamond mines and how to fall asleep in the daylight. “It was real hard to sleep: it would be light and I would think ‘oh, I’ve got to get up and get going’ but it would be ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Co-op Corner - Customer Service

The first thing to take into consideration is the context of your customer service. For example, you're going to greet your customers at a record store differently than those at a five-star restaurant. In some situations, a, "Hey man, how's it goin'?" is totally appropriate and perfect for making your customer feel comfortable and welcome, but in other situations, such a greeting would be a little... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Co-op Corner: Test Drive a Career

When thinking about postsecondary education in Canada, you may feel that academics are the only way of enhancing your skills and gaining experience. However, an increasing number of universities and colleges are offering co-operative education programs in order to help students get a taste of what their professional career might look like.What differentiates co-op from a practicum, for i... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Dealing with Criticism in the Workplace

Taking criticism can be tough. Whether it's at home, school, or on your co-op placement, unexpected comments from family members, teachers and employers can really stress you out. At some point though, we all need to receive a little negative feedback because it's an important part of learning. While there is a definite difference between destructive criticism and constructive criticism, you may u... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Designing a Job

Jennifer Allison envisioned spending her days designing custom interiors and beautiful spaces when she chose the interior design co-op program at Fanshawe College in London, Ont. In fact, she didn't just want to learn how the work should be done, she wanted to actually do it and that’s what a co-op program is all about. A co-operative education program offers students the opportunity to integr... > [more] Canadian Article Search

High School Apprenticeship

Still don't know which career path to take? Many students are making up their minds early and getting a jump-start while still in high school. The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) created in Alberta, along with similar programs in other provinces, provide the opportunity for high school students to apprentice in their chosen trade of interest while simultaneously earning credit towards a... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Not Quite What I Expected

A co-op placement has been arranged for you in a field that you are considering as a possible career. You've agreed to work in a specific position for a scheduled amount of time and are thrilled about the whole upcoming experience. It's now the end of your first week in your co-op placement and you've come to realize that this is not as thrilling as you thought it would be. You look at the sch... > [more] Canadian Article Search


You've put on your best business dress, passed the mirror check and arrived at the office for your co-op placement. There's just one catch - your offer's been reneged! Can they do that? You bet they can. Unfortunately, you're not an employee and the company is not required to give you or the school any notice. While most companies will try to notify the school before anything so drastic occurs... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Study Abroad for the Canadian Student

Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. It gives students the opportunity to discover the world for themselves — to experience a new culture and a new language, and to develop valuable life skills along the way. Studying abroad instills maturity, independence and confidence, and teaches students to view the world in a new way. And let's face it - it's an experience that looks fantasti... > [more] Canadian Article Search

That is NOT Acceptable Behaviour!

Through co-op placements, most students are getting their first look at the corporate world. But often, these students aren't sure how to act in their new environment. While being able to list a few examples of inappropriate behaviour, actually applying it to the workplace can be completely different. Unfortunately, what one person sees as unacceptable, another may see as normal behaviour. Per... > [more] Canadian Article Search

X-ray Vision Into the Future

High school can be a confusing place. At a time when you are just trying to figure out where you fit in the world people around you are pushing you to do better and pick a path in life. If you’re lucky you somehow manage to dodge all the pressures of being a teenager. But if you’re like most students, you are caught in a constant battle to figure out what you’re good at and what’s not for you. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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