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Building Your Future

Sometimes it's what you do outside of the classroom that looks best on your resume. Organisations such as Habitat for Humanity International offer programs for students and youth ages five and up to get involved in volunteering. For older students, Campus Chapters and Youth Programs enable and encourage students to help eliminate poverty housing in partnership with Habitat affiliates wor... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Danger Factor

The LifeQuilt commemorating young workers injured or killed in Canada is slated to cover the country beginning April 2003. Stitched together with dedication and hope by Toronto visual artist Laurie Swim and community volunteers across the country, the quilt will measure nine feet by eighteen feet at the start of its nationwide tour. It will include one hundred squares of fabric flanking a centr... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Experience Volunteering

Volunteering is currently practised by over 6.5 million Canadians as a way to give back their time, energy and skills to their communities and those less fortunate. In return, volunteering offers a sense of confidence, self-satisfaction and an opportunity to meet new people in new environments. For youth, volunteering also provides valuable experience for the job market and a chance to develop new... > [more] Canadian Article Search

How can a Volunteer Centre help you?

One of the best ways to gain work experience before you get a job is through volunteering. Sure, you probably already know that, but when it comes right down to it, you may not really know where you can find information about volunteering or how to find the kind of placement you want. That's when a Volunteer Centre can help! They do the research for you. One of the easiest ways to get c... > [more] Canadian Article Search

In a Land Far, Far Away

Heading straight into university from high school isn't for everyone. If you have ever wondered about learning a new language, seeing a different culture or volunteering, you might want to consider a gap year abroad. A gap year is commonly used to describe the time period when students take time off between high school and university to travel overseas. If you are quite comfortable hanging out ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Marc and Craig Kielburger Take Action!

Most Canadians have at sometime or another heard of Craig Kielburger, the adolescent who was so moved by an article on child slavery that he started the Free The Children organization when he was just in grade school. Recently nominated for a Nobel Peace prize, he has co-authored a book with his brother Marc- that's right, there's two activists in this family! Below, Craig talks about the book and... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Rock For Peace

The media says violence in schools is common place, but Calgary youth volunteers are using the music industry to stop fights. They’re using the cash from a self-created CD to fund student-run peace programs in their high schools. The Calgary Youth Foundation is a group of ten young volunteer philanthropists, aged 13 to 17, who are making a difference in their city. This year, the energetic grou... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Should you Take a Year Out and Travel Overseas?

Should you take a year off from school and travel before college/university? For some people it's the greatest experience, and for others? Meh, not so much. Is a year out something you should do? Take out handy quiz and find out!1. It's Friday night, and you've got a project due in Monday morning. How are you feeling?A) Prepared. I finished it the day it was assigned.B) Ok... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Study Abroad for the Canadian Student

Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. It gives students the opportunity to discover the world for themselves — to experience a new culture and a new language, and to develop valuable life skills along the way. Studying abroad instills maturity, independence and confidence, and teaches students to view the world in a new way. And let's face it - it's an experience that looks fantasti... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Team Effort or Individual Achievement?

Before you begin the rewarding experience of volunteering, you should know whether it is something you want to do alone or as part of a group. Volunteering is a perfect way to explore new fields and can lead you to a career path you've never explored or help you discover a skill or interest you were unaware of. If you are volunteering to gain work experience, you should consider volunteering on... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The ABC's of Volunteering

Volunteering with a literacy organization can be a very rewarding experience and you don't have to have a teaching certificate to sign up! Frontier College is "a national non-profit literacy organization geared to help people raise their basic literacy skills in a non-traditional way," said Tina Savenkoff, regional coordinator for Frontier College in Saskatoon, SK. More than 100 years old, F... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Volunteer for Free Work Experience!

You hear a lot of people today complain about lack of experience when they're looking for jobs. I've heard it hundreds of times - maybe I've even said it myself once, "Every job posting requires experience! How can I have experience if I can't get a job?!?" It's frustrating yes, but there is a way to get ahead! Start volunteering right now while you're in high school, and by the time you hit... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Volunteering: This is an Emergency!

Volunteers play a major role when natural disasters or emergencies occur. If you are interested in becoming one of the people called upon to help, many volunteer opportunities exist for disaster relief efforts, search and rescue operations, and other emergency situations. For those who want to volunteer locally for emergencies or disasters, there are many positions available with St. John's Amb... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What You Need to Know

You've done it. You've decided to volunteer. Whether it's to fill out your resume, gain experience in a specific field, get a reference or simply to "give back to the community", volunteering is a good thing to do. So, now you just pick an organization you like and jump right in, right? Not so fast- do you really know anything about the rights and obligations of volunteering? If you didn't think t... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Young Volunteers Step Into the Spotlight

Jamming in the back of a pickup truck with a band from Scandinavia. Having lunch with author J.K. Rowling. Chatting with dancer Karen Kain at a cocktail party. These are just a few of the things that you might be called on to do as a volunteer with an arts organization. On a sunny afternoon a few summers ago, Ben Anderson rode through the streets of Lunenberg, N.S. in the back of a pick-up tru... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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