Business Administration

Are you looking for a career in entrepreneurship, small business management or international management? Would you like to work in golf management, health care administration, hospitality and tourism, or sports and leisure management? Are you unsure as to whether you should study accounting, economics, finance, human resource management, marketing management or supply chain management? Or whether you should attend university to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) degree or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree? Or how about attending a community college to obtain an associate's degree or diploma in management or a specific management specialization? Then too, you could consider combining a specific area of business study with a Christian education at a Christian university or college. Campus Starter’s directory of undergraduate degree and diploma programs in business administration will help you with your quest towards finding an awesome program and university or college.

Business Administration
Defined: 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs, 2-year associate's degree programs, and 2- 3 year diploma programs in business.

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