Christian Colleges in Saskatchewan

Currently there are over 40, 4-year Christian universities and colleges and 2/3-year bible schools in Canada with a total enrolment of over 17,000. There is no single term to describe these institutions and they are variously referred to as bible schools, colleges, universities, and institutes.

Diverse in character, often, but not exclusively sponsored by the protestant evangelical movement in Canada, Christian universities and colleges can be found across Canada. They offer bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates. Programs span religious and theological studies, including religious studies, theology, missions and church music. And since the 1970’s many have developed a range of liberal arts and professional programs offered from the perspective of a Christian worldview, including business, early childhood education, social work, and even outdoor leadership.

Many of Canada’s Christian universities and colleges have achieved national and international attention through their missionary endeavors.

Christian Higher Education and Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC) have partnered to provide you with a complete list of all CHEC member and other Christian Universities and Colleges in Canada.

Christian Higher Education Canada has 34 members made up of 29 full and 5 associate members, including nine universities, three graduate schools, seven seminaries, and twenty Bible colleges and Christian colleges of the arts and sciences. In 2007-2008 these institutions enrolled from 50 to 2,600 each.

Featured Christian Colleges in Saskatchewan

Horizon College & Seminary
Bachelor's Program

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