Christian Higher Education School Facts

· The ABU-Oxford program at Atlantic Baptist University in Moncton, New Brunswick, allows students to study at world-famous Oxford University in England for one semester.

· BC's Trinity Western University is the home of North America's leading research institute for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

· William and Catherine Booth College in Manitoba takes its name from the founders of the Salvation Army, which has been active in Canada since 1882.

· Student clubs and outreach at Ontario's Redeemer University College include the environmental Green Team, the intercultural Mosaic Club, and Living Rock -- a downtown centre for street-involved and high-risk youth.

· Canadian Mennonite University (Alberta) has a scent-free policy on campus.

· The one-year Global Adventure certificate at Ontario's Heritage College combines academics with a 6-8 week summer mission experience.

· Sussex, New Brunswick, is home to Bethany Bible College, the only college in Canada owned by the Wesleyan Church.

· Nipawin Bible College in Saskatchewan, with under 100 students per year, has welcomed international students from as far away as Sierra Leone, Greece, Japan, Peru, Columbia and the USA.

· Alberta's Ambrose University College has a student/ faculty ratio of 15:1.