Community Colleges in Canada

It's often said that building a strong future starts with building strong communities. Canada's community colleges strive to do just that. There are over 130 community colleges in Canada, some of which have multiple campuses in order to make education accessible to as many regions as possible. But don't get confused: Canada's community colleges sometimes go by different titles including institute, institute of technology, technical college, regional college, cégep (in Québec), university college or simply college. These institutions vary in focus, with some offering general education in a variety of fields, while others provide industry- or culturally-specific programs. However, Canada's community colleges share the goal of responding to the training needs of business, industry, the public service sectors and the range of educational needs and career paths of vocationally-oriented secondary school graduates. With academic and pre-professional certificates, diplomas and, more and more, associate's and even bachelor's degrees, the community college system is a great option for building your future.

Featured Community Colleges in Canada

Algonquin College
Campus Overview
Columbia Bible College
Campus Overview
Conestoga College
School of Engineering and Information Technology
Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology
Heritage College & Seminary
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Horizon College & Seminary
Bachelor's Program
Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
The Business School
Lakeland College Virtual Tour
Vermilion, AB
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Engineering and Technology Programs
Olds College
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Prairie Virtual Tour
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Vanguard College
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Other Community Colleges in Canada

Campus Starter maintains a list of 151 other Community Colleges in Canada. For your convenience, we have broken them down by Province.

Colleges in Alberta Colleges in Alberta Community Colleges in Alberta
6 featured and 18 other Community Colleges in Alberta
Colleges in BC Colleges in British Columbia Community Colleges in British Columbia
1 featured and 28 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Saskatchewan Colleges in Saskatchewan Community Colleges in Saskatchewan
1 featured and 15 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Manitoba Colleges in Manitoba Community Colleges in Manitoba
0 featured and 6 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Ontario Colleges in Ontario Community Colleges in Ontario
5 featured and 30 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Quebec Colleges in Community Colleges in Quebec
0 featured and 7 other Community Colleges
Colleges in New Brunswick Colleges in New Brunswick Community Colleges in New Brunswick
0 featured and 8 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Nova Scotia Colleges in Nova Scotia Community Colleges in Nova Scotia
0 featured and 13 other Community Colleges
Colleges in PEI Colleges in PEI Community Colleges in Prince Eward Island
0 featured and 1 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Newfoundland Colleges in Newfoundland Community Colleges in Newfoundland and Labrador
0 featured and 20 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Yukon Colleges in Yukon Community Colleges in Yukon
0 featured and 1 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Northwest Territories Colleges in Northwest Territories Community Colleges in Northwest Territories
0 featured and 3 other Community Colleges
Colleges in Nunavut Colleges in Nunavut Community Colleges in Nunavut
0 featured and 1 other Community Colleges

Community Colleges in Canada

Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB

Lakeland College When Lakeland College (Lakeland) opened in 1913, there were only 34 students enrolled. Today Lakeland has campuses in Lloydminster and
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Vanguard College, Edmonton, Alberta

Vanguard College Vanguard College (Vanguard) is a Canadian Bible College that is committed to Developing Innovative Spirit-Filled Leaders. Vanguard offers accredited degrees,
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