Community Colleges in Manitoba

Because community colleges are privately owned, they are ready to respond to the ever-changing needs of business and industry by developing new courses and making changes in instruction that quickly become part of their programs. In Canada, community colleges offer diplomas and certificates in a wide variety of subject areas. While each has its own character – some are large institutions located in urban areas; others are highly specialized and still others may offer special features such as industry practicums, they all share a common objective of bringing you to the level of a beginning practitioner in the short possible time.

Featured Community Colleges in Manitoba

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Community Colleges in Manitoba by City

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Other Community Colleges in Manitoba

Assiniboine Community College
  Brandon, Manitoba
Red River College
  Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stevenson Aviation & Aerospace Training Centre
  Winnipeg, Manitoba
University College of the North
  The Pas, Manitoba
Winnipeg Technical College
  Winnipeg, Manitoba
Yellowquill College
  Winnipeg, Manitoba

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