Computer Science

New developments in computer science are needed in order to fuel advances in almost every area of our lives, from biotechnology to business, and from education to entertainment. That makes computer science one of the most exciting disciplines to study, where you can have an impact on real world problems. So, if you like strategy games - chess, checkers, computer games - or are good at math and enjoy pulling things apart, then a major in computer science may be for you!

But there are many possible options for studying computer science, and honing in on the right program can sound overwhelming. For instance, you can choose from computer applications, computer engineering, computer graphics, computer programming, database development, operating systems and systems engineering. And, you can narrow down your field of study still further to one of a variety of sub-fields as diverse as algorithms, artificial intelligence, cryptology, robotics and steganography (algorithms for hiding data such as graphics).

So whether you're looking for a degree or diploma, there are lots of options at Canada's universities, community colleges and Christian universities and colleges to boot up your interest in computer science.

Computer Science
Defined: 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs and 2-year associate's degree programs and diploma programs in computer science, many of which may be certified by the Canadian Information processing Society's (CIPS) Computer Science Accreditation Council (CSAC).

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