Engineering Technology and Applied Technology

Engineering technology & applied technology is a dynamic field. Programs are highly technical, hands-on/minds-on with many 2 - 3 year diploma programs leading to national certifications as a "technologist" or "technician". Shorter programs of up to one year lead to a certificate with designations such as "analyst," "specialist" or "administrator." Graduates are able to apply a basic knowledge of mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences, current engineering practices and an understanding of economic principles to the solution of design problems and to the operation or testing of engineering and manufacturing systems. In the coming years, numerous vacancies will occur in the manufacturing industry, creating a strong need and attractive salaries for skilled technicians and technologists. In fact, employers actively seek out graduates in this field.

Canada's community colleges and private career colleges have responded with a wide variety of hands-on one to three year engineering technology and applied technology programs that will make you job ready.

Engineering Technology and Applied Technology
Defined: 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs in engineering technology leading to a P.Eng certification from Engineers Canada; 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs in applied technology; community and career college diploma and certificate programs of varying lengths and comprehensiveness in engineering technology and applied technology, many leading to a designation as a "technologist" or "technician" designed to prepare you for entrance into the job market.

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