Fine and Performing Arts School Facts

  • Manitoba farmer James Freer is recognized as Canada’s first filmmaker: his documentaries were shown as early as 1897 to promote Manitoba.

  • According to Statistics Canada, more people studied Visual, Fine and Performing arts after age 75 than all the age groups of students who took History, Biology or Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design was founded by world adventurer Anna Leonowens, best known as tutor to the King of Siam, as seen in stage and film productions of The King and I.

  • Multiple Oscar-winning screenwriter/director Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash) credits his studies at London, Ontario’s Fanshawe College with inspiring his love of film.

  • The number of Canadians earning a living from dance has grown from 400 to 6,400 in just 30 years, making it the second fastest growing arts occupation during the 1990s.

  • Alberta College of Art and Design’s student-to-space ratio is 1:23 sq. meters

  • Canada’s oldest university art gallery is at Mount Allison University. Notable alumni include iconic Canadian artist Alex Colville.

  • Not your usual field trip: PrairieView School of Photography in Winnipeg offers a 5-day photo tour of Paris and the French countryside, including sites from the film Amélie and a visit to the house where Nicephore Niépce made the world's first photographs.

  • Emily Carr Institute grad Melanie Coles has invited the world to play an international game of Where on Earth is Waldo? by making and hiding a giant Waldo on a secret rooftop location in Vancouver.

  • Canada’s performing arts industries reported before-tax profits of $49.2 million in 2004.

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