Natural and Applied Sciences

When you think about it, science is pretty cool. Imagine studying the human genome, working on a cure for cancer, or creating new medicines. How about saving lives? Not a bad gig. But how do you narrow down the choices?  First, is your interest the natural sciences – the discovery of new knowledge about humans, animals, plants, or the universe?  Or are you more interested in solving specific problems – which is known as “applied science”? Since the choices in the natural and applied sciences can be overwhelming, Campus Starter has done the groundwork for you. Read articles about what to expect in a career in the sciences, explore study options in the natural and applied sciences ranging through the entire alphabet from astronomy, through chemistry to zoology. 

So whether you're looking for a degree or diploma, there are lots of options at Canada's universities, community colleges, Christian colleges and career colleges to match your interest in natural and applied science.

Natural and Applied Science
Defined: 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs, 2-year associate's degree programs, and community college and career college diploma and certificate programs of varying lengths and comprehensiveness in natural and applied science.

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