Acadia University

Mission Statement:

With a ratio of one professor to every 18 students at Acadia University, its no wonder this Grand-Dame of erudition is -- from all appearances, succeeding in its vision to "...inspire a diversity of students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and responsible global leaders." Dr. Charles Huggins, winner of the 1966 Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology & Medicine, Dr. Lillian Chase, co-discoverer of insulin, Dr. Benjamin Gullison, founder of "Operation Eyesight", and Dr. Dale Frail, discoverer of the first new planet outside our solar-system are just a few of the mighty individuals who have borne the banner of engaged and lifelong learning ahead of those students who are now discovering how they, in their turn, will contribute to Canadian and global progress and prosperity. From the brute determination of the woodsmen who felled the original timbers of College Hall, to the tireless dedication of the women who knitted and sold mittens to raise funds for materials and supplies for its construction, Acadia's long history and deep ties to Nova Scotia's people stands like a strong and healthy oak tree -- a gathering place of knowledge and achievement, welcoming artistic expression, athletic fortitude, and world-leading scientific inquiry into its stalwart branches.
Faculty of Arts
Canadian Studies |Classics |Economics |English |French Studies/Études Françaises |German Studies |History |Music |Philosophy |Political Science |Sociology |Spanish Studies/Estudios Hispanos |Theatre Studies |Women's Studies

Faculty of Professional Studies
Business Administration |Education |Kinesiology |Recreation Management

Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
Biology |Chemistry and Biochemistry |Computer Science |Engineering |Environmental Science |Geology |Mathematics and Statistics |Nutrition and Dietetics |Physics |Psychology

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Certificate, Diploma & Degree programs
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3390 Students from 50 countries
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