St. Francis Xavier University

Mission Statement:

St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) is a small, primarily undergraduate university. It was founded by the Catholic Diocese of Antigonish and upholds this religious heritage while promoting inclusiveness. Social responsibility is highly valued at St. Francis Xavier University; students complete community service placements as part of their academic program. Students can also participate in exchanges, research opportunities and internships abroad. The university has one of the highest rates of tenured faculty teaching first-year university students in Canada. The Coady International Institute at St. Franxis Xavier University is a world-recognized leader in education and research for community-based development.
Faculty of Arts
Aquatic Resources (BA) |Catholic Studies |Celtic Studies |Development Studies |Economics |Education |English |History |Human Kinetics (BA) |Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science |Modern Languages |Music |Philosophy |Political Science |Psychology BA |Religious Studies |Sociology/Anthropology |Women's Studies

Faculty of Science
Aquatic Resources (BSc) |Biology |Chemistry |Earth Sciences |Economics (BSc) |Engineering |Human Kinetics (BSc) |Human Nutrition |Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science |Nursing |Physics |Psychology (Science)

Campus Quick Facts

Year Founded:
Degrees/Diplomas/Certification Offered:
Undergraduate and graduate degrees
Student Enrolment:
4,200 (undergraduate & graduate) full-time, 611 part-time

Contact Information:

St. Francis Xavier University
Admissions Office PO Box 5000 Antigonish, Nova Scotia
B2G 2W5
Phone: (902) 867-2219
Fax: (902) 867-2329