Mount Allison University

Mission Statement:

Cradled in a campus of unprecedented beauty, Mount Allison has a rich, proud, deep history setting it apart from all other Canadian universities. This was the first scholarly establishment in the country to offer a Canadian Studies program, and is home to the Owens Art Gallery which counts among its treasures works from the revered 'Group of Seven'. Every summer, not far from the Swan Pond, the university plays host to the "Festival by the Marsh" which features Shakespearean performances, and opens its arms to other plays and concerts which draw audiences from across the province during this time of the year. With more than forty distinct programs to choose from, students from across the country and throughout the world will not be disappointed in making the committment to pursue studies here.
Faculty of Arts
Art History |Classical Studies |Drama |English |Fine Arts |History |Modern Languages and Literatures |Music |Philosophy |Religious Studies

Faculty of Science
Biochemistry |Biology |Chemistry |Cognitive Science |Computer Science (Arts) |Computer Science (Science) |Mathematics (Arts) |Mathematics (Science) |Physics |Psychology (Arts) |Psychology (Science)

Faculty of Social Science
Anthropology |Canadian Public Policy |Commerce |Commerce (Arts) |Economics |Geography |Political Science |Sociology

Interdisciplinary Programs
American Studies |Canadian Studies |Environmental Science |Environmental Studies |International Relations

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Undergrad and post-graduate degrees

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Mount Allison University
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