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The University of King's College is a small undergraduate university located on a five-acre site on the campus of Dalhousie University, the largest university in the Maritime provinces. King's students have full access to Dalhousie's classes, services and facilities, including libraries, computers, laboratories, recreational facilities, and student services. Meanwhile, King's offers its students a more personal university experience by maintaining small class sizes and limiting the size of the student body to about 1,100 (less than a tenth of Dalhousie's student population). An important distinction of the University of King's College is the focus on interdisciplinary studies. In their first year, King's students take a single class, the interdisciplinary Foundation Year Programme (FYP), which counts for four of their five first-year courses. In the FYP, texts that shaped Western civilization are considered for their literary, historical, philosophical and sociological significance. (An alternative science stream, FYP Science, is also offered.) King's interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree programs include Contemporary Studies, History of Science & Technology and Early Modern Studies. King's also offers a reputable Journalism program. King's also maintains many distinctive academic traditions, such as Formal Meal, at which academic gowns are worn, a matriculation reception held each October in honour of entering students, and an Encaenia ceremony for graduates each May.
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts |Contemporary Studies |Early Modern Studies Programme (EMSP) |Foundation Year |History of Science and Technology |Journalism |Journalism - one-year programme

Faculty of Science
Bachelor of Science

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undergraduate; post-baccalaureate

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