Top Career College Programs

Ever hear your parents tell you not to do something just because your friends were doing it? Probably. Well this can apply to your education as well! Chances are if you made it through high school, you've had some experience with peer pressure. There are a lot of program choices at Canada's career colleges, but not every subject is for everyone since we all have different talents, interests and aptitudes.

While it's important to search out the program and school that's right for you, the array of choices can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, while it shouldn't necessarily influence your decision, it can help to see which career college programs are the most popular. Depending on your personality and whether you like to follow trends or buck them, you may see the program's popularity as a reason to choose or avoid it!

So...wonder what recent career college grads studied? Here's a list of the most popular programs at Canadian career colleges for 2008.

Program   Student Enrolment

Applied Health Care      38%
Media/Information Technology
(Office Administration, Computers, Radio, Television, Film & Music, Multimedia,
Journalism & Photography)      
 Performing Arts, Religious Studies, Culinary Travel & Tourism 16.8%
(Law/Security, Child & Youth Care, Childcare, Counselling, Social Services)       
Trades & Apprenticeships   7.1%
Design & Applied Arts  4.4%
Source:  Human Resources and Social Development Canada, 2008