University Admission Requirements by Major

In 2005/2006 an estimated 1, 047,700 students registered for classes in Canadian universities. That's a lot of students!

There are a lot of choices of majors at Canada's universities and colleges, and a lot of students trying to get into them. Therefore it's important for you to get informed about university and college admission requirements.

Getting into university or college isn't all about grades: admissions committees often look at a combination of academic and personal qualities. But in order to keep classes at a reasonable size, many Canadian universities and colleges have minimum grade requirements for admission. Within an institution, specific majors can also have different grade requirements. Your grade point average (GPA), therefore, is an important part of determining whether you can get into your chosen major.

So check out our list of GPA admission requirements by major to see if you're on track for the major you want.

Typical GPA Admission Requirements by Major 

Agriculture & Bio-Resources   mid – high 70’s  
Business Administration    high 70’s – mid 80’s 
Computer Science  high 70’s – mid 80’s
Engineering   high 70’s – mid 80’s
Fine & Performing Arts   mid – high 70‘s
Humanities & Liberal Arts  mid – high 70’s
Natural & Applied Sciences  mid – high 70’s
Nursing & Health Care mid – high 70’s
Public Administration & Policy      mid – high 70’s
Religious Studies & Theology  mid – high 70’s
  • Admission cut-offs will fluctuate  (either up or down) from year-to-year depending upon the number of applicants and spaces available.
  • Admission will be granted based on an applicant’s entire record, as well as performance in pre-requisite courses.

Supplemental information may also be considered depending upon the school and program.