Applied Business Technology

Today’s office professionals need to be computer-savvy in a number of programs and current in office administration procedures. As well, widespread use of technology has resulted in office workers assuming more of the higher level skill responsibilities traditionally done by managers and executives, thereby requiring you to also be a skillful communicator and confident decision-maker.

Canada’s community colleges and private career colleges have responded with a wide variety of hands-on 12 to 52 week applied business technology diplomas and certificates that will make you job ready. In fact, employers actively seek out applied business technology grads! So if you're interested in pursuing a career as an office professional in a variety of businesses in either the public or private sector, then a diploma or certificate in applied business technology is right for you

Applied Business Technology
Defined: Community and career college diploma and certificate programs in applied business technology of varying lengths and comprehensiveness designed to prepare you for entrance into the job market. Also includes 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs in applied business technology.

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