Wanted: One Good Home for Lonely Scholarship $$$

Wanted: One Good Home for Lonely Scholarship $$$
  By Erin Taman

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"All I really want, is to find my way into a student's bank account..." "Deserving student needed—will compensate with money..." " No one has applied for three straight years..." "Still looking for a warm, welcoming, bank account..."

The desperate pleas of money, looking for a good home-a deserving student looking to further his or her education.
Many scholarships and bursaries sit collecting interest each year while not a single student applies for them. Why?

Well there are many reasons. Often these scholarships are off the beaten path. They are not easily accessible to students or students don't know where or how to look for the extra cash that can often lighten the load of an increasingly expensive post-secondary education.

There are many places students can look to find scholarships. Some of the most obvious are with high school guidance counsellors or the university or college you are applying to. But there are also other ways to discover new-found moolah.

Talk to your parents, friends and family—see if they belong to any service groups, churches or unions that sponsor scholarships for family members. This is probably one of the least travelled routes by scholarship hunters.

If you play on a sports team or have a part-time job you can often be eligible for awards through your team association or employer. Check with coaches and bosses to see if any 'special recognition' awards are offered. These often do not rely on academic achievement so if your marks are not great, don't count yourself out yet.

Scholarships are usually given for academic or school achievement as opposed to bursaries, which are often awarded based on financial need. There are scholarships for students who come from single-parent families as well as others for students with disabilities. The best thing students can do is to start asking family and friends if they are aware of any awards they might be eligible for. Additional sources of tuition money can often be found where you'd least expect it. Check with your city or town administration to see if they offer awards for local students.

Lately, one of the more popular methods for scholarship hunters has been the Internet. The World Wide Web garners many different search engines and by entering "scholarships" or "bursaries" thousands of hits often appear. Many are for individual awards but there are also websites out there (like CampusStarter.com) that allow students to narrow search results to their qualifications and put thousands of awards at your fingertips.

These sites are usually free to users who are asked to fill out a personal profile listing strengths and interests in order to narrow the search results. Many of these sites allow students to apply for awards online. By having a copy of your resume or a list of some accomplishments with you, you can start applying right away.

Making a list of groups, teams or clubs you participate in can often help if the award is focused on volunteer activities. Knowing the skills you have like leadership and teamwork will allow you to fill out forms

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