Are you good to go?

Are you good to go?

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Your first semester living away from home can prove to be more challenging than you had imagined. Whether you're moving into your own place, sharing with friends or living in Res, you'll need to be prepared and Campus Starter's got the inside scoop to help get you started. Here's a list of a few dorm-life essentials:

First Aid Kit
Nobody ever seems to think about first aid until they're bleeding or limping from room to room trying to find a tensor bandage and some ice. Be sure to include the basics and then take into account your personal medical history. If it's not obvious to you, ask whoever stocks the medicine cabinet at home, they'll know what they stock up on every two weeks.

If you're living in Res, you'll have no choice but to use public facilities. Bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower and in the common areas. You would be amazed to find out how many of your floormates are walking around with athlete's foot, or worse!

Shaving Kit and Shower Caddy
Bring some sort of plastic container that you can use to carry your soap, shampoo, dental products and razor back and forth between the bathroom and your room. If you leave your stuff there, you may as well consider it public property. It will be used.

Is there anything worse than being too hot or too cold? Most dorms are kept at a steady temperature throughout each season so you may want to bring your own heater, electric blanket or fan to help keep the temperature in your room where you like it. Even if your school assures you that there is air conditioning in the dorms, bring a small fan anyway.

After all those late nights studying, you'll want to bring some things to guarantee you get the most out of your zzzz's. Pack some of your favourite sheets as well as a mattress pad, foam or feather bed to improve the comfort and quality of your sleep.

Hand-held Vacuum
The cleaning staff only works in common areas including hallways, bathrooms, and lounges. Your dorm room is your and your roommates responsibility. Hopefully it won't get too bad, but those popcorn kernels and spilled sugar can be awful to step on in bare feet.

If you're going away to school and you've got the money, a mini-fridge is definitely a good investment. If you don't have the money right away, look into renting one. Most school cafeterias close at some point during the night leaving many students counting their change and looking for the closest take-out.

Privacy Protectors
Small spaces with people you don't know too well may leave you craving the privacy you left back home. Worse still, you might end up with a roommate who snores, insists on sleeping with a light on and loves the music you hate. Come prepared with headphones, eye-masks, and ear plugs to start.

Storage Shelves and/or Containers
Think multifunctional and try packing your stuff in containers that can be

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