University Study Options

University Study Options

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With the number of study options available at universities and colleges, it can be as confusing as ordering a cuppa joe. While post secondary institutions vary slightly in their terminology, these basic terms will help you decide the best study option for you. From full course to part time, and distance to online these definitions will give you the confidence to reveal your study options to your friends as fast as you can order a tall, non-fat, no whip, half-caf, Mocha…to go.

Full Time Study
For the majority of universities and colleges, a full course load is defined as a schedule that contains 60% or more of the required credits per term. Course load requirements can vary by term, degree and/or institution.

Part Time Study
A part time course load can be defined as a schedule with 20-59 per cent of the student's required courses, based on the particular program being taken.

Distance Learning
Distance Learning programs are now being offered using a variety of methods allowing students to complete a degree regardless of their study schedule or location. A student may work with printed material that is receive in the mail or use electronic material via the Internet. Some courses may include computer conferencing, CDs, DVDs, television, and radio programs. Correspondence and assignments will likely require phone, e-mail, or regular mail. Some programs are completely online including discussion groups, reading materials and assignments. With some programs having specific start dates, others may be started any month of the year.

Special Student Status
This term applies to students who do not know what program, degree or diploma they would like to take. Special student status allows the student to take a variety of programs to find out what interests them the most. Each university and college will have their own terminology and some courses can be credited towards a final decision.

Studying Abroad
This option allows students to complete an educational program in another country of their choice. A student can either apply directly to universities and colleges overseas or take programs offered within their university or college.