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The teaching lingo at a post-secondary level can be a bit like learning a new language. Titles and positions at times can seem a bit, well to be honest, made-up. Have you ever heard the term acting chair? Well it's not someone pretending to be a chair but rather someone who is representing someone else, second-in-command. Anyway, here are a few more terms that you will be sure to hear at some point during your studies.

TA- Stands for teacher's assistant. These are usually master's students who get paid to run tutorials, mark assignments and help students if the professor isn't available.

Instructor/Lecturer- A member of the faculty of a college or university usually having qualified status without rank or permanent job status, ranks below an assistant professor and spends the majority of their time teaching.

Assistant Professor-A college or university teacher who ranks above an instructor/lecturer and below an associate professor. An Assistant Professor is typically a junior faculty member hired on a seven-year non-renewable contract. During their 6th year, they are evaluated and, if accepted, promoted to Associate Professor.

Associate Professor-a teacher lower in rank than a full professor but higher than an assistant professor. This faculty member is generally in the middle of his career.

Professor- is a senior faculty member who has established himself as a leader in his chosen discipline. To become a Professor, the faculty member goes through the process of an evaluation from Associate Professor to Professor.

Assistant Dean-assists in the planning, formulation and supervision of the instructional and/or academic programs. They can be responsible for coordinating class schedules, reviewing class enrollments and provide advice to faculty members who want to develop new or modify existing courses and programs.

Associate Dean-has direct responsibility for overseeing the academic policies and procedures of the department including admission, course enrollments and loads, program requirements and graduation requirements.

Dean-an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college, for example a Dean of Colleges, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dean of Student Offices, Academic Dean. The Dean is basically a Manager and reports to the President.

Research Chair- A university research chair is a position created to recruit someone to conduct specific research. Individuals recruited to fill this position are senior scientists, often world-renowned and highly respected in their fields, who join the institution to focus exclusively on a particular area of research.