Academic Terminology

Academic Terminology

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It's tough in your first year at University or College - learning new things, living in a new place, remembering where the heck your biology lab is. Surely you shouldn't have to remember a bunch of new terminology as well! Never mind, Campus Starter is here to help - although we don't know where your biology lab is....sorry....

TRANSCRIPTS -- Official academic records that show where you've studied, the courses you've completed, and the grades you received.

UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE -- Your first level of study, such as an associates or a bachelor's program.

GRADUATE DEGREE -- After you've received your undergraduate degree, you may want to pursue a graduate degree like a master's or a doctoral program.

HUMANITIES -- Also known as liberal arts, humanities deal with human thought and culture. For example: philosophy, literature, sociology, anthropology, and art.

CONVOCATION -- Your graduation ceremony -- if you work hard enough!

FROSH—A nickname for all first-year students. Many schools have "frosh week", an orientation and fun week, with different activities and parties to welcome new students to the school, and let them get acquainted.