Are you a slacker?

Are you a slacker?
  By Emily Jacques

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1. It's the night of the big test. Where would you be found?
a) In front of the television -- where else? They don't call it "must-see TV" for nothing, ya know.
b) At your desk, reviewing the careful notes you've been taking in class, and preparing your flash cards.
c) At the coffee maker, making enough to keep you awake for the all-nighter you're gonna need.

2. When your teacher assigns a group project, you:
a) Call a group meeting immediately, where you can show the schedule you've made to your other group members and assign them their tasks.
b) Sit with your group members and help divide the task equally.
c) Miss the first meeting and hope that they assign you the smallest part of the project.

3. You have to read Romeo and Juliet for next week. You:
a) Read a few pages each night and find that you actually enjoy Shakespeare.
b) Rent the movie - and then realize that Romeo Must Die isn't really the same.
c) Re-read it. You read that play over the summer.

4. Your alarm goes off and you:
a) Hit the snooze once or twice, and then drag yourself out of bed.
b) Jump out of bed, have a shower, and put on the clothes you laid out the night before.
c) Hit the snooze more times than you should, and end up late for class.....again.

5. How many hours of TV do you watch a week?
a) 0-10
b) 11-20
c) more than 20
Calculate Your Results:
1.      a) 0      b) 2      c) 1

2.      a) 2      b) 1      c) 0

3.      a) 1      b) 0      c) 2

4.      a) 1      b) 2      c) 0

5.      a) 2      b) 1      c) 0

0 – 4   Serious Slacker
If you're planning to go to university or college, you better start pulling up your socks. Your bad habits and laziness may get you into trouble. Remember, you're paying for your education, so you might as well make the best of it. Try and change your habits now. For starters, check out the Study Studying article on page 16.

5 — 7   Middle of the road
You could stand to improve your practices in a few areas, but for the most part, you've struck a healthy balance. If you find yourself slipping into more slacker-like habits, make an appointment with your guidance counsellor, or take a study skills course (many postsecondary institutions offer these for free).

8 – 10   Super Keener

Your have great planning habits and are very motivated. Just remember to leave room for fun activities and don't get burned out. University and college life is about more than hitting the books.