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“What experience do you have?”

These are possibly the five most terrifying words a potential employer can ask a recent graduate. And the answer could be the most terrifying thing you have ever had to say. Sure you can say that you’re a long-time student of life, you’re a quick learner and eager to take on new tasks. But most employers will likely see through your inexperience, politely escort you to the door and then file your ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

A Canadian in Fleet Street

It didn’t matter how much it cost. Ryerson Journalism student, Ann Brown, was determined to study overseas. Ann studied at City University in London England from January to March 2001. In addition to coursework, she did an internship at Leisure and Hospitality Business Magazine. “London is a media hub: the opportunities are unbelievable. Everyone has their noses in a newspaper,” Ann said... > [more] Canadian Article Search

A Career in Law? Motion Granted!

Sure, you're probably attracted to a career in law for a few notable reasons, the prestige, the power, the chance to change the world - not to mention the money! But, are you really competitive enough to be a lawyer? Many students join the field of law to fight the bad guys but find themselves not competitive enough, leaving most just feeling jaded about the profession. Many lawyers and law st... > [more] Canadian Article Search

A Home Away from Home

Home-stay is the great adventure of living in another country with a warm and caring family. Students who live in home-stays find their English or French improves dramatically through friendly conversations and daily activities with their families. These family relationships often endure well past the completion of the course, and lead to lifelong friendships. Host families are carefully select... > [more] Canadian Article Search

A Place to Go

Want to help out at a weeklong summer camp or teach three-year-olds how to play a guitar? Depending on your previous experience, your local recreation center may be the place to start. A job at a recreation or community center can build your resume if you are looking for experience in an environment where people come to have fun and relax. Almost everyone has spent some time at a recreation ce... > [more] Canadian Article Search

A Who's Who in Canadian Culture

Canada has a long history of artistic accomplishments dating back to the 1920s with a famous collaboration of landscape painters knows as the Group of Seven. The Canadian Arts Community of today is more diverse than ever, including highly acclaimed artists in a variety of genres including writing, painting, music, and acting. Here are seven of Canada's most recognised contemporary artists that tru... > [more] Canadian Article Search

A Who's Who of the Classics

What do morality and politics have in common? No, it's not an oxymoron or a joke, although some recent events in American and Canadian politics may lead people to think otherwise. The truth is that morality and politics both owe their roots to philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, three of the most well known classical philosophers. These three men, although they lived in the 400s an... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Academic Terminology

It's tough in your first year at University or College - learning new things, living in a new place, remembering where the heck your biology lab is. Surely you shouldn't have to remember a bunch of new terminology as well! Never mind, Campus Starter is here to help - although we don't know where your biology lab is....sorry.... TRANSCRIPTS -- Official aca... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Accidental Careers

When you don’t know what to do with your life, an accidental encounter may just fill your prescription. When Vancouverite Shannon Sanborn somersaulted on her rollerblades, she also crashed headlong into the health care system. Two paramedics collected her from the sidewalk, the emergency room nurse checked her out, a physician ordered X-rays, and a nurse’s aide wheeled her up so the X-ray tech... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Accountancy? Cheque it out!

Got your pocket protector? Check. Got your high wasted pants on? Check. Completely deleted your sense of humour? Check. Congratulations! You've just identified a completely inaccurate, yet well known stereotype of an accountant.Accountancy is one of the most interesting and exciting careers around, with a range of different areas that you can specialize in. So if you like being challenge... > [more] Canadian Article Search

After the interview -- what happens next

The Thank You Note It's called a note, but it's really a formal business letter. As soon as you've had an interview you need to prepare a thank you note and get it to the recruiter within 24 hours. Why 24 hours? Because hiring decisions are often made within 24 hours of the interviews, barring a specific delay such as a decision-maker going out of town. The candidates may not hear the deci... > [more] Canadian Article Search

An artsy-fartsy person

“I love art. I love to draw and paint and do crafts. But I need a job. I need to decide a direction for my life. I want to continue with my art, but can I also find a career that pays my bills?” These were the thoughts that plagued Sara Paine when the time came for her to choose a university to attend after graduating in the spring of 1999 from Woodstock High School in Woodstock, N.B. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

An Investment in Your Future

We've all grown up hearing the expression "you can't judge a book by its cover." It's a great philosophy to live by for encountering new people and potential friends. However, now that you're trying to enter the competitive workforce, you may have to take on a different approach if you're going to land that dream job, an approach best summed up in the old adage "you never get a second chance to ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

An Uneven Playing Field

There is a scene in the movie BASEketball where the corrupt team owner tries to tempt one of the lead actors with the lure of more money. He says, “Do you think Shaq got rich playing in Orlando?” Our hero replies, “Shaq got rich playing in college. Everybody knows that.” American schools are known for their big money athletic scholarships, so why don’t we have a similar s... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Announcing the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership

Deciding on the school of your choice takes a lot of planning. Sending applications, arranging transcripts - not to mention getting the grades for the program you're after. But certain students tackle more than just the standard challenges of high school. Whether serving as mentors, helping the needy or lobbying governments, they make a dedicated effort to solve problems in their communities. TD C... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Are You a People Person? Try Human Resources.

Happy employees make good employees. And more companies are clueing in to that simple fact every day. Now an increasing number of university students are choosing the “people pleasing” field of human resources to fill the demand. Krista Balenko is one of those students. She says she’s always been a people person, and now her double concentration in OB-HR (Organizational Behaviour... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Are you a slacker?

1. It's the night of the big test. Where would you be found? a) In front of the television -- where else? They don't call it "must-see TV" for nothing, ya know. b) At your desk, reviewing the careful notes you've been taking in class, and preparing your flash cards. c) At the coffee maker, making enough to keep you awake for the all-nighter you're gonna need. 2. When your teach... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Are you good to go?

Your first semester living away from home can prove to be more challenging than you had imagined. Whether you're moving into your own place, sharing with friends or living in Res, you'll need to be prepared and Campus Starter's got the inside scoop to help get you started. Here's a list of a few dorm-life essentials: First Aid Kit Nobody ever seems to think about first aid until they'r... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Ask the Expert: What Can I Expect in My First Week at University?

It's the moment you've been waiting for all summer - you've packed your essential belongings into four snug plastic-ware containers - and you're moving into residence! This is a really big step if it's the first time you've ever been away from your family, but there's lots of students in the same boat, and the university staff is there to make the transition smoother. Moving In Most s... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Athletic Therapy

A knee injury that benched Andrea Prieur for a basketball season also launched her career in athletic therapy. Andrea now works with the likes of Katarina Witt, Elvis Stoijko and the National Women’s Softball team, running out onto the ice or the field to set a broken bone, wrap a sprained knee or maybe even prep a spinal injury for the paramedics. The 28-year-old athletic therapist runs a highly-... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Be the Boss!

This summer, Rosalyn Staple and Ryan Kalt won’t fire off résumés and fill out job applications. Bosses won’t grill them with questions at job interviews. That’s because Rosalyn and Ryan are using their ideas and hobbies to make some money. They have created jobs for themselves and their friends, while they are still in school. Rosalyn and Ryan are entrepreneurs. It isn... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Beat the Application

Any student can win scholarships — you just have to work smarter. Finding the right award to apply for is only the first step. How do you make your application stand out from the crowd? Use Campus Starter’s guide to scholarship and grant applications to up your ante, and you may also learn something new about yourself in the process. ANALYZE YOURSELF Filling out a successful scholarship... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Behind the Microscope

Thinking of pursuing a career in laboratory research? Campus Starter met with 4 lab techs to get a realistic view on a career in the sciences. Here are our contributors: Pascal Desrosiers– 29, has worked as a lab technician for PROCREA BioSciences fertility clinic, for the past four years. He does everything from sperm counts and fertilising eggs to assisting doctors with embryo tran... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Behind the Wheel

It's the moment you've been waiting for. You're finally old enough to qualify for your driver's license and you're anxious to get behind the wheel. You can already see yourself - sunglasses on, of course - with a car-load of friends, the music turned up as high as it will go, cruising to your favourite hangout . . . to freedom. It's easy, right? You just get someone to teach you the basics then pa... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Best Case Scenario

Your co-op's about to start and you can't wait! Finally you get a glimpse of the working world but a glimpse is all it will be. Most employers consider a co-op student's employment to be temporary. That means many students in a coop position won't receive the benefits, bonuses and advantages that their coworkers enjoy. Before beginning any co-op position, make sure you are aware of all of the cond... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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