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Hang Up Your Hairnet

You’ve worked a few minimum wage jobs in the past. But now that you’re going to university, you have to try to earn your tuition over the summer and still be able to eat. Using the skills you acquired from past “joe jobs”, you’ll be able to get better wages and more exciting work. Temping for an employment agency is one way to break into the professional world and isn&#... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Have You Got What it Takes?

Overseas volunteer organizations aren't picky when it comes to candidates but they do require a big heart, a love of adventure and a little bit of sweat. The thousands of Canadian youth who plunge into volunteer work in countries from Costa Rica to Kenya easily meet these requirements. Overseas experience appeals to students looking to help a good cause for either resume-boosting international... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Health Matters

You are off to university to discover new friends, experience student life and immerse yourself in a new community. Oh and there is that little thing called learning, too. It is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time and with all that is happening, you might forget to take care of number one (that's you, by the way). If you're lucky, mom and dad will set you up with a care package or two. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Herbal Energizers—Are they worth the money?

Do you feel tired, or lack the mental energy to study? Have you experimented with the energizer-type products that claim to boost your energy level and mental stamina? There are more and more products available in the supermarkets, corner stores, herbal counters and pharmacies that are a combination of food supplemented with herbs or extra nutrients that claim to give your body a boost in some way... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Hey, I Can Do That...

We’ve all been there: you can’t get a job because you don’t have experience, and you can’t get experience because you don’t have a job. Even if you’ve never had a job before, you still have valuable skills that employers are looking for. You just have to learn how to recognise the skills and how to market yourself. Employers want someone who is going to be a good fit for both the position and t... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Hey, What's Your Sign?

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to choosing a career; guidance counsellors, parents and friends are all quick to suggest several options. For fun, Campus Starter looked to the stars to find out what you future might hold. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Aries are competitive in both business and life and they really hate to lose. Those born under Aries like to be the leader and aren't a... > [more] Canadian Article Search

High School Apprenticeship

Still don't know which career path to take? Many students are making up their minds early and getting a jump-start while still in high school. The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) created in Alberta, along with similar programs in other provinces, provide the opportunity for high school students to apprentice in their chosen trade of interest while simultaneously earning credit towards a... > [more] Canadian Article Search

High Schools Have New Partners

While most high school students were splashing about at the beach, Vedrana Toperic spent her summer vacation swimming in very different kind of currents and waves. By taking a summer course in digital circuitry at the DeVry Institute of Technology’s Scarborough campus, Toperic was one of twenty-four students from Georges Vanier Secondary School who earned one more credit towards her high s... > [more] Canadian Article Search

High-tech TV Cops vs. Today's Reality

You wouldn't think that computer and technology skills would be a requirement for somebody wanting to enter the field of law and security but with today's rapidly advancing technology and computers entering the workplace, these skills are definitely a must. Computers are able to record and cross-reference important facts from all over the world, allowing law enforcement officers to do their jobs b... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Hindsight's 20/20

It's the first real snowfall of the winter in Montreal and I've been sitting here staring at a blank screen with the heat turned way up wondering about midterms and term papers and the impending doom of final exams. Kind of a strange time to be thinking back to the summer before all of this began. Though, it is tinged with regret, I have to admit. Regret that maybe I didn't take the opportunity... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Hit the Trails

You can enjoy the natural beauty of Canadian wilderness first-hand with a hike on one of the many trails in our national and provincial parks. As a great place to start, try one of these trails to discover some of Canada's incredible scenery: Confederation Trails, PEI The Confederation Trail is the first completed leg of the national Trans Canada Trail that will link 17, 898 km of paths... > [more] Canadian Article Search

How can a Volunteer Centre help you?

One of the best ways to gain work experience before you get a job is through volunteering. Sure, you probably already know that, but when it comes right down to it, you may not really know where you can find information about volunteering or how to find the kind of placement you want. That's when a Volunteer Centre can help! They do the research for you. One of the easiest ways to get c... > [more] Canadian Article Search

How do I know what courses to take in high school?

CHOOSING CLASSES IN HIGH SCHOOL CAN BE CHALLENGING. You're probably getting a lot of different messages, depending on who you talk to. Parents are usually concerned about keeping your options open for a path to a great career. You might wish that you could just take your favourite subjects and leave the ones that don't seem relevant. Your friends may be telling you to take the same ones th... > [more] Canadian Article Search

How Do You Get The Ball Rolling on a Social Services Career?

The excitement of deciding on a career in Social Services can quickly fade if you don't know where to start. You may want to find out more about what you're getting yourself into but how do you get the ball rolling on a Social Services career? Where can you turn for help? This latest issue of Campus Starter magazine, that's where! While the first step is often the most challenging, it ca... > [more] Canadian Article Search

How Good is your Memory?

With finals coming up, this is an important question. All learning depends on memory. We remember things by association so each piece of information is linked to other pieces of information in one way or another. A study conducted on memory, determined that the manner in which we study is more important than how long we study. Anything you want to learn and remember should be sta... > [more] Canadian Article Search

I can't believe they pay me to do this!

It's nearly summertime and if you are looking for a cool summer job that doesn't involve flipping burgers or scooping ice cream cones we've got a great list of funky jobs for you! Just because you are a student doesn't mean you are limited to boring and menial summer work. Put on your thinking cap and start thinking of jobs that would be fun. How about applying at your local theatre working as ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

I'm thinking about living in residence-what are my options?

I'm thinking about living in residence-what are my options? What are the advantages of living in residence? There are many obvious advantages. You are on campus, close to all the facilities-library, gymnasium and fitness centre, food services, your classes and recreation facilities. However, the most important advantage is the residence community-living with other student... > [more] Canadian Article Search

I, Spy!

Imagine a typical day of work, making a living as a spy: tearing through the streets of exotic locales in your suped-up, gadget-ridden car, rappelling down the sides of buildings and then cracking the secret code just in time to disarm the bomb and save the world. While this may fit the bill in a James Bond movie, most people who work in the field of espionage are more likely to look like your nei... > [more] Canadian Article Search

I’ll Order the Debt-Combo

I paid for school with student loans and now I regret it. My debt is huge, and the paperwork is easy to mess up on. That’s why so many people tell you to save your money and apply for scholarships. They’re not just nagging you. But most of us aren’t going to win enough scholarships, and minimum wage sure won’t give you a big bank account. For many of us, student loans are the only way to pay f... > [more] Canadian Article Search

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!

Chef David Wong, Executive Sous Chef of the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel -- Globe@YVR. As the Executive Sous Chef at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, Chef David Wong is constantly on the go. If he's not creating amazing meals for his guests at the hotel's Globe@YVR, preparing to represent Canada in international competition, or making guest appearances on television (see him in action th... > [more] Canadian Article Search

In a Land Far, Far Away

Heading straight into university from high school isn't for everyone. If you have ever wondered about learning a new language, seeing a different culture or volunteering, you might want to consider a gap year abroad. A gap year is commonly used to describe the time period when students take time off between high school and university to travel overseas. If you are quite comfortable hanging out ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

In the Classroom

Many ESL students are not sure what to expect in the Canadian classroom, but most schools in Canada offer comfortable classrooms where students are taught by experienced teachers - many of whom have traveled to different countries themselves. Not only will students participate in the classroom, but schools often offer weekend or evening fun and games. ESL students may easily find themselves sa... > [more] Canadian Article Search

In the Market — Marco Soldano

Marco Soldano says the pay cut he took when he accepted a part-time job with Ecreations Software Inc. was well worth it. As a second-year computer science student at Dawson College in Montréal, Soldano was more than happy to leave his bank job for a web designing position at Ecreations. “What I want to do in the future is something along the lines of what I’m doing here, so just for the... > [more] Canadian Article Search

In the Market —

Lina Adriana Aristeo, 21, and Maurizzio Pandozzi, 22, wanted to get in on the e-commerce craze; so, they started their own online business. offers school supplies online to parents of elementary school children, making the back-to-school rush a little less stressful. The idea to sell school supplies on the net popped into Aristeo’s mind during a cyberspace law class. “I ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Inside an Entertaining Trade

Don't think the trades are for you? Don't dismiss them so fast, you might be canceling out some occupations you would enjoy without even realizing it. In the entertainment industry for instance, a camera-person and a make-up artist are both considered tradespeople. "We are constantly dealing with the question, should we call it a trade, should we call it a craft, should we call it an art, it's a s... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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