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So you think you want to be a Marine Biologist?

You've given it some serious thought and have decided that you're not the type to sit behind a desk - office work just isn't for you. Instead, you see yourself as more of the marine biologist type. You know, swimming with dolphins, training killer whales and playing with those adorable sea lions. There's just one catch - that's sounds more like a marine mammal trainer's job description! So w... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Social Workers: Today's Superheros

Are you able to handle high stress situations, be objective when required, sensitive to others, persistent, a good listener communicator and leap tall buildings in a single bound? If this sounds familiar, with the exception to leaping buildings, then the field of social services could be the career for you. While the profession does include some superhero qualities, the ability, the desire and com... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Someone Like You—Jessica Chan

Intelligent, goal oriented, determined — medical school students are a focused breed. The amount of school, work, and sacrifice that goes into becoming a doctor offers no other option. Fourth-year UBC student Jessica Chan’s path into medical school is even more remarkable. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jessica spent the majority of her pre-university school years in the Asian education system ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Sounds like Team Spirit

Have you ever wondered who would be crazy enough to dress in a big furry mascot suit and run around an athletic field? Mascots have to be a little bit crazy, very creative, and passionate about entertaining says Mitch McNicol, a University of Saskatchewan student who dresses up as Howler at Huskie Athletics home games. The second-year arts and science student can be found at Huskie games on ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Spin the Bottled Water

Ever find yourself in deep water? Anita Jarjour does everyday, well the bottled kind anyway. As a public relations coordinator and spokesperson for bottled spring-water company Naya Inc., water is her business. Anita, who’s been at Naya for almost six years, says that working in public relations for one of the world’s leading companies of its kind can be demanding. “It’s ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Staying In School

The growth in vocational schools, specialised learning environments and summer school has provided an alternative way for students to finish their education. Students struggling in the traditional classroom environment might find these alternatives as a way to complete their high school education and join the working world. Vocational Schools Vocational schools are becoming a very popul... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Study Abroad for the Canadian Student

Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. It gives students the opportunity to discover the world for themselves — to experience a new culture and a new language, and to develop valuable life skills along the way. Studying abroad instills maturity, independence and confidence, and teaches students to view the world in a new way. And let's face it - it's an experience that looks fantasti... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Study by Day, Practice by Night

Take the time to discover the activities Canadian cities have to offer. Put your language skills to good use, and make new friendships. Check out web sites, newspapers, and local entertainment listings to find activities that appeal to you the most. Ask yourself what you want to do. Do you want to meet new people and have the opportunity to talk, or do you want to find a sport to sweat out a li... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Support Networks

All Canadian schools have excellent programs that are globally relevant and services that meet the needs of a multicultural student body. On campus, departments created to focus solely on international students will become key support and resource centres for you. Many international students meet friends through campus clubs and organizations. If you also join professional associations, you can... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Surviving Workplace Squabbles

We've all been there—your job would be perfect if only you never had to work with that one person ever again. Nobody gets to choose the people they work with and at least once you'll run into someone you seem to always butt heads with. Campus Starter lets you in on five easy steps to help you solve your workplace squabbles. 1. Identify the problem. You'll have to face the fact th... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Take Community Action

Usually, students are excited about leaving their home. They enjoy the idea of settling in to a new city, learning about their host country and wondering what their lifestyles will be like. Some will be apprehensive and nervous about adjusting from one culture to another. For example, moving from a big city, to a more relaxed suburban neighbourhood or even the close-knit community of a small town ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Taking Care of Business

A business degree is probably the most popular degree on most Canadian campuses, and often the biggest department on campus. But is it for you, and are you really sure what it involves?Ok, business sounds a bit general. What can I study?Business covers a range of different subjects, and there are many options to choose from. Most universities and colleges have a business or ma... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Teaching ESL

If you've ever thought about travelling to a foreign country or are looking to earn extra money for college or university, a term or two teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) might just be for you. There are excellent employment opportunities available at ESL centres around the world for those who want to teach or tutor in English. While the bulk of overseas teaching opportunities are for ca... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Team Effort or Individual Achievement?

Before you begin the rewarding experience of volunteering, you should know whether it is something you want to do alone or as part of a group. Volunteering is a perfect way to explore new fields and can lead you to a career path you've never explored or help you discover a skill or interest you were unaware of. If you are volunteering to gain work experience, you should consider volunteering on... > [more] Canadian Article Search

That is NOT Acceptable Behaviour!

Through co-op placements, most students are getting their first look at the corporate world. But often, these students aren't sure how to act in their new environment. While being able to list a few examples of inappropriate behaviour, actually applying it to the workplace can be completely different. Unfortunately, what one person sees as unacceptable, another may see as normal behaviour. Per... > [more] Canadian Article Search

That's Mine, This is Yours

You come home from a long day at school and head to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk. You pull the carton out of the fridge and pour out two measly drops. Great. It was your roommate's turn to buy groceries. Shaking your head, you check the mail. A red "FINAL NOTICE" stamp screams at you from the electric bill. In disbelief, you pick up the phone to call and report the mix-up but the line is de... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The ABC's of Volunteering

Volunteering with a literacy organization can be a very rewarding experience and you don't have to have a teaching certificate to sign up! Frontier College is "a national non-profit literacy organization geared to help people raise their basic literacy skills in a non-traditional way," said Tina Savenkoff, regional coordinator for Frontier College in Saskatoon, SK. More than 100 years old, F... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

The 900 excellence award recipients range from social activists to budding entrepreneurs, aspiring scientists to young artists all over Canada who show leadership, innovation, excellence and community service. Read about the awards at the Foundation's website. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Card Collection - Give Me A Little Credit!

If you're like most new high school grads, you have probably never owned a credit card. You may have wanted one - ever had to borrow mom's card to buy concert tickets over the net? - but you just weren't eligible. Until now. Credit cards are one of the most convenient forms of credit available. Once you are approved, the bank issues you a card that allows you to make purchases up to a pre-det... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Great Divide

As students gear up for summer vacation, the great divide begins. For those who have a need to read, the two-month lull will be filled with longing thoughts of the fall term. For the student of life however, summer vacation can be summed up in one word—freedom. Inevitably, both groups will at some point utter, "I'm bored". Fear not! We here at Campus Starter have come up with a few life-saving... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Great Green North

Yes, it is true the weather in parts of Canada is cold - sometimes very cold! The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was in the Yukon at -63 Celsius. That is an extreme scenario. Canada's capital, Ottawa, however, does have the coldest average temperature of any capital city in the world at -10 C. Canadians often show a playful attitude towards the cold, taking part in outdoor sports a... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Letter of Fate

All your applications have been carefully filled out, and sent in on time (we hope). Now, the waiting game starts — that love/hate relationship with your postal worker. When the letter arrives, most people immediately assess its appearance, be it a big envelope, stuffed with registration information and date reminders, or a thin envelope, with a simple “thanks, but no thanks.” No... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Lifecycle of a Tradesperson

If you like a challenge and enjoy the focus of specialized training while learning a skill, then a career in trades may be for you. Whether you want to become a world-class chef, a plumber or a hairstylist, there are many trades you can learn through apprenticeship. "The outlook for careers in trades is very good. ITAC (the Industry, Training and Apprenticeship Commission) estimates that over ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Many Faces of Canada

Communities and sub-cultures thrive in almost all of Canada's provinces. You won't feel completely isolated anywhere. Whether you're in a little town or a big city, you will always meet new people. A multicultural country, Canada is a nation where both immigrant and indigenous cultures thrive. No matter where you go in Canada, the influence of Native, also called First Nations, cultures are pr... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Many Faces of Massage Therapy

When you think of massage therapy, you probably picture a woman draped in white towels and bathed in soft light, being massaged in a serene setting to the soothing sounds of Enya. Maybe you assume that all massage therapists work in similar settings, or receive similar training. Well, that's not quite true. Massage therapy has many different benefits and uses, and many distinct massage therapies a... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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