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The Not-So-Dreaded Group Project, Take One!

Start Your Projects! The teacher has just made the dreaded announcement, “We’re doing a group project.” He or she has just divided you into groups, so you awkwardly waddle-drag your desk over to the circle of people you will be working with. You all stare at each other, wondering, “What do we do now?” Follow these three steps and you’ll find that your group will have a game plan that’s manage... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Not-So-Dreaded Group Project, Take Two

What’s Your Group Project Personality Type: — Controller, Work Horse, Socialite or Slacker? Group projects are like a big game of Risk — you have to figure out what kind of people you’ll be working with or you’re history. If you all are hard workers and get along really well, group projects can be fun. Groups can do a bigger, more interesting topic or a more ambitious project, and, if everyone... > [more] Canadian Article Search

The Value of a Canadian Education

Canadian institutions are recognized worldwide for their high quality programs and the diverse cultural experience they offer international students. But what you may not know is that Canadian institutions offer this great value while also maintaining some of the lowest tuition fees in comparison to other English-speaking countries such as the United States, England, and Australia. Why is the ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

There are No Stupid Questions, So Ask Away!

Admit it. Everyone has questions about University that they don't want to ask their parents or counsellors…but never fear! We're here to help!Where should I go to University?Only you can really make this decision. There's a lot to consider.What do you want to study? This should be the most important thing. If you want a really specific program, it may only be off... > [more] Canadian Article Search

There's Something about Money

Broke or Budget? Don't be intimidated by the "B" word. It's simply an organized way of managing your money. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It gives you an overall picture of where your money is coming from, when it's coming from, when it's coming in and how it's being spent. Above all, a budget should be flexible, changing according to your situation. Budgeting helps... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Tied to a Watch

Being a Fed Ex Manager is not a slow-paced job. Tom Hanks played a Fed Ex employee in the movie Castaway. He was tied to his watch in order to make sure that packages and letters arrived at their destinations on time. Campus Starter writer Erin Taman spoke with a real Fed Ex employee in Calgary. Adrian Skall, like Hanks, lives by his wristwatch for some of the same reasons Hanks did in the ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Time Travelling through the Career of an Anthropologist

When someone says the word anthropology, most people think of ancient tribes, lost civilizations or the evolution of man. The dictionary defines anthropology as the study of where human beings began and their cultures worldwide. Besides culture, anthropologists also look at how and why people change. While anthropology is the study of humans, it isn't necessarily the study of only ancient people b... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Top Secret: Canada's Spy Agencies

Canada's not exactly the place you think of when it comes to the world of espionage but we do have several players in today's spygame. If you're interested in a career that involves codebreaking and surveillance then pay close attention to these employers and you may wind up earning a paycheck signed with invisible ink! CSIS The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) investigates... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Trade Up to Construction

I don’t need steel-toed boots to stamp out the myth that construction trades are for people who cannot cut it in school, make a minimal wage, or have no opportunities — I’m using a cool CD-ROM to debunk the myth. The “Trade Up” CD-ROM Marketing Project recruited me, Tracey Tomtene, and Taryn Sehn from the Management Co-op Program at the University of Lethbridge to show the CD-RO... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Training Day

As summer looms in the not too distant future, the thought of acquiring a summer job begins to creep into your conscience. While you've come to the obvious conclusion that any sort of allowance is pretty much a dead issue with your parents, the prospects of a summer job and the funds generated will more than cover your summer fun with friends. As you begin to skim through the classifieds you becom... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Transfer Credits Glossary

Advanced StandingCredit given for a previously-taken post-secondary credential such as a certificate or diploma program; this credit enables you to enter a degree program or other program at a higher level.    Also called Career Laddering or Laddering.Applied degreeA degree granted by a college or technical institute in an applied sub... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Transition to University

Unless you're planning on studying Spanish or French at university, most of us are not prepared to learn a new language. But in reality there is a lot of terminology that a new student has to get used to when attending college. Below is a list of common words that you'll undoubtedly come across within your first week of post-secondary school. Course Calendar- This is a booklet that... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Tricks of a Trade–Learning Outside of the Classroom

With projected labour shortages expected in the next decade as baby boomers retire, the trades will be a hotbed of hiring activity. Students looking to enter this field can actually start preparing ahead of time. The question most will have to ask though is, 'how can I learn a trade outside of the classroom?' Afterall, most of your class schedule will be filled with the usual academic-related subj... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Try Animal Health Technology!

So, you want to work with animals but your goals don't include finally getting Flipper to master a leap through the hoop. You enjoy interacting with all animals- fins, hooves, wings, you name it. But you need more of an instant gratification and knowledge that you're contributing to the greater good of the animal kingdom. Not to mention a short cut through all that schooling would be nice! If this... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Types of Transfer Credits in BC and Yukon

The British Columbia transfer system (which includes Yukon College) is a comprehensive system that allows you to start your post-secondary education at one institution and finish it at another. Generally, you can use your transferable courses in two ways: 1) to calculate your admission grade-point average (GPA), and 2) to meet program-specific requirements. Many public and some private insti... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Understanding Transfer Credits

Many students begin their post-secondary studies at one college or university and complete them at another. You might be one of them. Understanding what transfer credits are and how they work can help make your transfer as smooth and stress-free as possible.A credit is the value given to a specific course and is usually based on the number of hours of instruction. For example, th... > [more] Canadian Article Search

University and College Transfer Arrangements in BC and Yukon

This information is current as of October 2007. Please check the school profiles on Campus Starter for updates. British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Access and Transfer Programs: • Technology Entry (TE) • Trades Discovery General • Trades Discovery for Women • Degree Transfer in Science and Technology Other transfer credits: •... > [more] Canadian Article Search

University Faculty

The teaching lingo at a post-secondary level can be a bit like learning a new language. Titles and positions at times can seem a bit, well to be honest, made-up. Have you ever heard the term acting chair? Well it's not someone pretending to be a chair but rather someone who is representing someone else, second-in-command. Anyway, here are a few more terms that you will be sure to hear at some poin... > [more] Canadian Article Search

University Study Options

With the number of study options available at universities and colleges, it can be as confusing as ordering a cuppa joe. While post secondary institutions vary slightly in their terminology, these basic terms will help you decide the best study option for you. From full course to part time, and distance to online these definitions will give you the confidence to reveal your study options to your f... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Volunteer for Free Work Experience!

You hear a lot of people today complain about lack of experience when they're looking for jobs. I've heard it hundreds of times - maybe I've even said it myself once, "Every job posting requires experience! How can I have experience if I can't get a job?!?" It's frustrating yes, but there is a way to get ahead! Start volunteering right now while you're in high school, and by the time you hit... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Volunteering: This is an Emergency!

Volunteers play a major role when natural disasters or emergencies occur. If you are interested in becoming one of the people called upon to help, many volunteer opportunities exist for disaster relief efforts, search and rescue operations, and other emergency situations. For those who want to volunteer locally for emergencies or disasters, there are many positions available with St. John's Amb... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Wanted: One Good Home for Lonely Scholarship $$$

"All I really want, is to find my way into a student's bank account..." "Deserving student needed—will compensate with money..." " No one has applied for three straight years..." "Still looking for a warm, welcoming, bank account..." The desperate pleas of money, looking for a good home-a deserving student looking to further his or her education. Many scholarships and bursari... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Weighing In

How do you transform your time spent grinding rails, throwing passes or practicing routines into a pay cheque that could take you around the world? Consider a career in the rapidly expanding fitness industry. With more people turning to physical activity as a way to stay in shape or heal their bodies, this industry could give you the chance to get paid to play. Professionals in the fitness ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Welcome to Canada, eh!

Canada has built a reputation as a clean, safe country with polite people but you will soon discover that it has much more to offer than its reputation suggests. Dramatic scenery, endless forests, glorious mountains and great expanses of unspoiled terrain combined with buzzing metropolitan cities, picturesque towns and villages still lingering in their original settlement create a country of many ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What are transfer credits?

Q: What are Transfer Credits? A: So you didn't get into the school you wanted and now you'll have to settle for a degree or diploma from your second choice. Or do you? Did you know transferring to a new school part way through your education doesn't automatically mean losing your credits or having to start over? If you weren't accepted to your first-choice school, transfer credits can ... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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