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What are you waiting for?

While you may have considered the final semester of high school to be a time to kick back and have some fun, the reality is that you need to be preparing for your college and university career. Consider the following: College and University Decisions Acceptance letters from post secondary institutions start arriving in March and April. If by the 15th of April you still haven't recei... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Remember how easy it was to answer that question when you were six? Not anymore. In fact, if you're starting university next fall, you'll have to figure it out pretty quickly. What an enormous responsibility for someone seventeen years old, or younger! How do you choose? Where should you start? What if you end up in the wrong post-secondary program and miss a chance for the perfect career-forev... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What Exactly is Apprenticeship Anyway?

Basically, a form of apprenticeship has existed for years: mechanics learn how to fix cars by training under the supervision of other mechanics, plumbers learn how to fix plumbing by shadowing higher-skilled plumbers and there are many more examples if you just look at everyday jobs around you. Apprenticeship can be defined as the training of workers entering an occupation for the first time. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What I Wished I Had Known in High School

Sometimes I walk down the street, watching the crowds and thinking, “What was high school like for them?” So this week, instead of hitting the streets, we’ve brought this curiosity to the cubicles of the EI publishing staff, and asked them, “What do you wish you had known in High School?” We’ve got a lot of collective wisdom here to help you get through high school. So listen up while some of ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What is a Recruiter and how can they help me?

They visit your school every year. While some wear dress suits, others sport institutional promotional apparel. They may be goofy, or even a little on the up-tight side. Yet, no matter what image they present, they are all recruiters… and they all have a wealth of knowledge to share. Recruiters, admissions counsellors or educational liaisons - as they are often called - travel on a career fair ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What is a Type-T Personality?

The "T" in Type T personality stands for Thrill Seeker. Individuals with Type-T personalities like challenges and novelty, take risks, have high energy levels, are self-confident and feel like their fate is in their own hands. Type-T's can be either physical risk takers (such as snow boarders, sky divers and bungee jumpers) or mental risk takers that push human progress through uncertainty (su... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What is Exemption?

What is exemption? The dictionary definition of exemption is to be free from an obligation imposed on others. In the student's case it would be a course in the curriculum. If a student has prior knowledge or credit in the area of instruction, they can apply for an exemption or 'advanced standing' as it's called in some schools. If approved, they would not have to attend the course and ther... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What is Kinesiology?

Should you study kinesiology after you graduate from high school? If you are interested in learning about how the body moves and what makes it work efficiently, you should consider it. But what exactly is kinesiology? The word "kinesiology" can be broken into its the Greek roots "kinesis," meaning "movement, motion" and "ology," meaning "the study of." So, "kinesiology" literally means "the study ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What Not to do to Your Professor

Making the change from high school to university can be challenging at first, but with a few pointers on what not to do, you can be on your prof's favourite student list faster than you can say mid-term! What Not to do to Your Professor! Have some class in class! Please don't arrive late to class and make a scene shuffling papers and wrestling out of your... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What You Need to Know

You've done it. You've decided to volunteer. Whether it's to fill out your resume, gain experience in a specific field, get a reference or simply to "give back to the community", volunteering is a good thing to do. So, now you just pick an organization you like and jump right in, right? Not so fast- do you really know anything about the rights and obligations of volunteering? If you didn't think t... > [more] Canadian Article Search

What's a grade point average and how important is it?

Canadian students often read American magazines or hear American students discussing their GPA (grade point average) and wonder what this term refers to. American high schools and universities use this term, but in Canada we tend to discuss averages or requirements rather than GPA. Some Canadian schools use the term, but it's not as well accepted as in the United States. So what do America... > [more] Canadian Article Search

When Talking in Class can be Good

Pop Quiz: The statement "I don't know if I'm going to graduate and detention is killing me," is: a) an accurate description of what's likely in store for you this year, or b) a funny and clever play on words. If you picked b (even if you really didn't think "funny and clever" was quite accurate), then the field of linguistics might be for you. Okay, linguistics is not the study of bad puns. B... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where are all the Summer Jobs, Part Three

Don’t Get a Cold Shoulder from A Cold Call One of the best ways to find a summer job is to go out and grab it — that means you’ll have to hit the streets or pick up the phone and contact employers out of the blue. You’ll have to cold call. Don’t wait for the help wanted ads and the job web sites to post stuff. If you cold call employers, you may find your next job before the boss has a chance to ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where are all the Summer Jobs? Part One

Find a Summer Job in Your Mirror Before you look for a summer job, you need to look in the mirror. I’m not talking about going through the looking-glass like Alice In Wonderland for a summer job (although that would pretty trippy). Before you hit the streets or log on to the Internet, you need to prepare yourself, so that you’re aiming for the job you want. Summer jobs are a whole lot easier ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where are the Summer Jobs? Part Two

Find Jobs that Rock The snow may just be melting, but it's already the middle of summer job hunt season. Here are the best places to find the summer job that will change your world. Sometimes it seems like no-one wants to hire people just for the summer. But there are seasonal jobs made for students with little experience. You just have to know what they are and where to look for them. In You... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where did the rest of my paycheck go?!

It's your first job. You're excited to learn new skills, meet new people, and, above all, make some cash. You spend your first two weeks tallying the number of hours you worked, multiplying by your hourly wage (or dividing your yearly salary into weeks), and making a list of all the things you'll do when that first paycheque comes through. And then - it arrives. It's a shock. The huge paychequ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where Geek Meets Greek

Peter Wills is a part-time student in the University of Toronto’s cognitive science program. And when he's not attending 15 or so hours of class a week, and not refuelling his brain cells with a quick injection of Tim Horton's coffee, he spends most waking hours plopped in front of his computer. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary field — meaning that it involves both arts courses (... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where Will I Live?

Finding living arrangements in Canada is like choosing a school - you have to know what's out there and how to get it. Here's a guide to the types of student housing available in Canada. College and University students usually live in a dormitory (often called "residence" in Canada) or they live off-campus. But those two simple choices hold an infinite number of housing options. To choose the... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Where's Your Brain?

Where's your brain? Are you right-brained or left-brained? Are you logical and analytical or do you prefer to rely on your dreams and intuition? Do you meticulously plan all your actions or do you just spontaneously get up and go? The way you answer these questions may determine whether you are right- brained or left-brained. Being aware of which hemisphere of your brain is dominant can help ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Who foots the Bill?

Scholarships are awards of money to finance all or a part of your enrollment at college or university and are awarded by thousands of organizations, companies, and foundations. But just as their values can range, so to can their criteria. Each scholarship has its own set of restrictions regarding what the award can be used for. Despite popular belief, scholarships do not guarantee a free ride ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Will You Make It Through Your Finals?

When it comes right down to it, you may have difficulty studying—maybe you are struggling with the topic, maybe you have a very busy schedule to prioritise or maybe you just want the year to be over. Whatever your personal challenges are, here are some steps to help you through this stressful time: • Tackle your toughest subject first. You'll get through it quicker. • Study earl... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Work Like a Dog

Service dogs are specifically trained to work and live alongside people with physical disabilities or limitations. They provide independence and increased mobility as well as companionship for their human masters. While you may not be surprised to learn that service dogs have been employed to help the blind, deaf and physically disabled, these dogs have also shown a propensity to help people s... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Working Towards a Healthy Future

When you ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up, many say "firefighter," "doctor," or "police officer." Not many say "addictions counsellor." Yet this social services profession is as rewarding and challenging career choice as any of the above. Know your stuff But before you race out and apply to an addictions counselling program, you need to know some things. Like, wha... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Working with Gods

Let's face it, mythology won't make you incredibly smart and it won't give you that edge to sky-rocket up the corporate ladder, so why all the fuss about a subject with fictional characters who fly, eat people or have one eye? You may be surprised to learn just how often mythology encompasses our lives. Today, cartoons and comic books most closely resemble the world of mythology. Often these stori... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Would You Like Fries With That?

From McDonald’s to work in radio and video — 18-year-old Lily Leung has worked almost every kind of part-time job. This summer she has turned her volunteer and part-time work experience into a job that makes a difference — creating training videos for Kids Help Phone. Lily’s first position wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs. “Everyone has to start their career somewhere — I ... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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