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Beware of Hidden Costs

While you may be pumped about that new part time job, have you considered that employers can impose additional fees or hidden costs. These costs are not the same with every company, nor are they the same across Canada but they can add up and can take your paycheque from black to red. We here at Campus Starter magazine, in our never ending mission to inform our readers, sharpened our pencils, ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Big Savings

You have to save for school or a big trip to Europe. But your friends are going shopping and you can't resist that new jacket, and that MP3 player and a DVD would be amazing… by the end of the day, you're tapped out. What you need is a plan for turning your high interest in mall binges into high interest savings. The old adage about hiding money under the mattress is not the way a savvy saver ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Books, Bucks and a Better Grade

If you've ever considered becoming a teacher or helping out others what better way to explore your options than by becoming a tutor. In addition to the hands-on experience and first hand knowledge you'll gain, for students at the high school level, tutoring can also provide the funds or the credit needed for post-secondary education. In the past few years the Government of Newfoundland and Lab... > [more] Canadian Article Search


If you are planning on becoming a nurse, research scientist, doctor or engineer, chances are you’ll think about moving to the U.S. when you graduate. A lot of people call this “brain drain” a Canadian disaster. In the brain drain debate, the government’s statistics show there isn’t a problem. But don’t tell that to Canadian educators and professional organizations. According to their personal ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Bring Your Studies into the World

Once you decide to study abroad, you will be faced with a number of destinations to choose from. A group of students provide their thoughts on why Canada is one of the best places in the world to study. "The biggest thing I've learned [in Canada] is to be open to new things, new people and new cultures," says David Naranjo, a Marketing student at George Brown College, who is originally from Ecu... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Budget Cents: Get Paid to Play

The only way to get a university scholarship is to excel at math and science, right? Right? Not so fast, as hitting home runs can potentially be just as useful as hitting the books. While conventional wisdom says that academic success leads to postsecondary scholarships, athletics can actually be a great way of securing financial aid for your university experience. Whether it's hockey, footbal... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Budget Cents: Managing Your Money While You're Just Barely Managing to Finish Your Homework!

Starting out at university is a pretty big transition for most people. It's the first time you're away from your family home, the first time you're solely responsible for getting up and out for class, and the first time you're seriously attempting to manage your money! It was one thing to save up some cash from your part time job during high school for that new XBox 360 game, but it's a whole othe... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Building Your Future

Sometimes it's what you do outside of the classroom that looks best on your resume. Organisations such as Habitat for Humanity International offer programs for students and youth ages five and up to get involved in volunteering. For older students, Campus Chapters and Youth Programs enable and encourage students to help eliminate poverty housing in partnership with Habitat affiliates wor... > [more] Canadian Article Search


The suit may be the uniform of business, but a business career is anything but uniform. Keeping employees happy, producing a product or service, enticing the public to buy something, or crunching numbers are all different career paths in business. Most business activities are in six basic areas: human resources, marketing, finance, operations, information systems and strategy. Human Resourc... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Business Under the Midnight Sun

Lindsay Burton will be the first to say you can’t learn everything in a classroom. As part of the Co-op program, she spent a semester in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories learning about accounting, diamond mines and how to fall asleep in the daylight. “It was real hard to sleep: it would be light and I would think ‘oh, I’ve got to get up and get going’ but it would be ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

By the Book

When people think of law, most think only of the work done by lawyers and judges and their related careers. Campus Starter took a closer look at a few of the many other professional careers associated with the administration of justice. While these careers may not be profiled in television courtroom dramas or legal thriller novels, they are just as essential for keeping the justice system running ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Campus Security

At a glance, it may not seem like New Liskeard, Ontario, and the University of Waterloo would have much in common. But the Northern Ontario mining town provided Staff Sergeant Wayne Shortt with the perfect training ground for protecting Waterloo's thousand-acre academic sprawl. Shortt, manager of police and security operations for U of W's police services, started his career as a cop in the tin... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Campus Starter Gets Audited

While Campus Starter always provided students with top quality information on their career and education choices, it can now be certain this information is reaching its intended audience. Having recently completed its first consumer magazine audit conducted by Business of Performing Audits International, the results determined 100% of Campus Starter's distribution reaches its intended market. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Can U Chat UR Way to an A?

Cruise through any youth chat room, and there are a lot of panicked students posting messages like, “EMERGENCY! ENGLISH MIDTERM TOMORROW: HAS ANYONE READ ‘TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD?’” Other students buy essays online and hand them in. While this is definitely NOT the way to do your homework, it doesn’t mean the Internet is a bad place to study. You can find the answers to almost anything on the net, ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Can You Picture It? Work in the Visual Arts

The academic visual arts field is indeed broad in its scope. There are a mind-boggling number of program combinations to be made within the arts. The common elements however, are creativity, artistic vision, and scholarship. It is one thing to be born with artistic talent and create amazing, museum-ready works of art out of finger paints and construction paper, but realistically, most of us ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Canadian History in 60 Seconds

15,000 B.C. - The first Aboriginals arrive in northern Canada, crossing the land bridge between Asia and Alaska. 1497 - Italian John Cabot, hired by King Henry VII of England, lands in Newfoundland and claims the area for England. 1534 - French explorer Jacques Cartier travels the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 1608 - French explorer Samuel de Champlain founds the city of Quebec. 1610 - Henry ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choice: Science

AstronomerAre you hooked on sci-fi? Ever thought about a career studying galaxies far, far away? If you are fascinated with the night sky and the idea of exploring the universe, then a career as an astronomer may be right for you. Astronomers research the universe and the life and death of stars. A solid background in math and physics is required for those pursuing further studies in... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choices: Business

If we were to list all of the various careers in business, Campus Starter would be looking less like a magazine and more like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Here's a little taster of the range of careers that are available in business. No hobbits were killed in the writing of this article. AccountantOK, so we all like money, but do you enjoy working with it? Perhaps you do you... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choices: Liberal Arts

Liberal arts graduates can do almost anything - but too much choice can mean that it's hard to decide what to do. Here are some ideas to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of careers that liberal arts grads can go into. Editor When you walk through the grocery store, do you freak out when you see signs for "tomotoe's" and roll your eyes when you spy a cake iced with "Yo... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Choices: Media and the Arts

Fashion Designers A fashion designer has to be up to date with the markets globally, and have a natural eye for style, form and fit. Sure, it seems like the job would be mostly drawing and sewing, but designers also have to be knowledgeable business people constantly aware of producing a profitable clothing line. Fashion designers generally sketch, design and create samples, and then present ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Explosion

“While I was getting the crowd ready to sing karaoke in an Agassiz, B.C. bar, it hit me: This is no career.”That’s how Pauline Westlin describes her zigzagging education and work life before landing a job as a systems verification engineer at Nortel Networks in Ottawa. “I just love my engineering job,” she raves. “I wake up every morning and it’s like ‘WOW.’” Between karaoke hostessing and be... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences

Agriculturist are scientists who advise farmers on soil management, breeding, animals' living conditions, crop protection, environmental sustainability, disease, and harvesting. Agriculturists are trained in general agricultural studies but usually specialize either on the job or in a master's program in one or more areas of agricultural science. Crop specialization: crops, soil f... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Engineering and Technology

Software Testing Engineer: Before a computer company launches a new product, they must first test the software. Software testing engineers are responsible for running the new software through a series of tests to determine whether or not there are bugs in the system before it is launched to consumers. It's a big job, but lots of fun. Testers enjoy getting into the product and reviewing its d... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Humanities

Anthropologists Anthropologists study all those things that make us human: material possessions, customs, migratory patterns and religion, to name a few. Anthropologists tend to specialize, because the human world is so diverse and complex. Physical anthropologists study genetics and anatomy to learn about human evolution, looking at things like heredity, environment and the links among hu... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Career Search: Law and Security

Arbitrators facilitate and decide disputes that bind both labour and management to specific terms and conditions of labour contracts. Arbitration is less formal than litigation since the arbitrator acts as a third party, listening to, assessing and making sound decisions on each specific case without forming judgements. Bailiffs assist judges in supervising prisoners while in cour... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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