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Career Search: Social Services

Art Therapist Art therapists believe that there is meaning behind all works of art. Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy attempting to reconcile emotional conflict and promote personal growth. Unlike conventional methods of treatment, it emphasizes non-verbal communication utilizing simple art materials. Art therapy is designed to facilitate a line of communication between the patient an... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Celebrities: High School and Beyond

"What are your plans for after graduation?" You can expect to hear this question a few times during your high school career. There is no right or wrong way to answer it, and the decision is yours. Most of us want to be successful in life, and in the public eye there are many people who are prime examples. For some people, it helps to take a look at the paths that other people have gone down.... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Celebrity Report Card

Post-secondary education may not be for everyone, but for those who think it is for them, trying to decide on a school or program from thousands of choices can feel quite daunting. Sometimes, it helps to take a look at the paths that other people have taken. Here's what some famous people have done with their lives. Did you know: ·Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Priz... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Cha-Ching! Finding Private Scholarships

Thinking of going to university next year? Tuition money could be where you least expect it! Private scholarships are fast becoming a major source of money for students looking to start university and they can come from almost anywhere. "There's more and more of them every year," said Cheryl Chapple, a counsellor and teacher of the scholarship class at Mount Douglas Senior Secondary School, in... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Change of Scenery

Canada offers many opportunities for international students, faculty and staff to participate in study abroad programs. By studying in Canada for a semester or a year, you will add an international dimension to your degree, while making contacts in your perspective field. These programs allow the student an opportunity to study in another city or country and apply the credits earned to their pr... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Changing Schools — New Leaf or New Grief?

Moving to a new school is a tough challenge for any teenager. I’m talking about changing schools when you have absolutely no control over the decision — Mum or Dad have to move to start a new job or there’s a split in the family or maybe they wanted to move to a new town or neighbourhood. There are lots of other reasons adults have to change postal and area codes. In my school of nearly 20... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Chronological Resume Sample

Michael Z. Smith 1234 Some Street Your city, Your province (222) 345-6789 EDUCATION BBA Business Administration (Emphasis in Finance), May 20__ UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA, GPA 3.4/4.0 EXPERIENCE Teller United Bank of Victoria, June 20__ to present Responsibilities include servicing 400 cust... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Click on This!

Google Labs Check out Google Labs for a sneak peek at the latest inventions from the world's most popular search engine. Current highlights include Google Ride Finder - a real-time taxi locator, and Google Trends - a tool that shows the popularity of search words. Cram Science e-zine Take a b... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Co-op Corner - Customer Service

The first thing to take into consideration is the context of your customer service. For example, you're going to greet your customers at a record store differently than those at a five-star restaurant. In some situations, a, "Hey man, how's it goin'?" is totally appropriate and perfect for making your customer feel comfortable and welcome, but in other situations, such a greeting would be a little... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Co-op Corner: Test Drive a Career

When thinking about postsecondary education in Canada, you may feel that academics are the only way of enhancing your skills and gaining experience. However, an increasing number of universities and colleges are offering co-operative education programs in order to help students get a taste of what their professional career might look like.What differentiates co-op from a practicum, for i... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Combination Resume Sample

Lacey Lue 1256 South Avenue. Montreal, Quebec N0N 5W1 (403) 245-3559 Objective To obtain an entry level position in marketing, advertising, or related field. Preferably as a management trainee, with eventual advancement to product or account management, where excellent analytical, creative, and communication skill... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Come from Away: Going to School in Atlantic Canada

"There's more to Canada than Ontario." That's what a Timmins, Ontario high school teacher told Victoria (Vickie) Lamb after she applied to the big universities in Canada's biggest province and got accepted to them all. Her teacher, a graduate of Acadia University in Nova Scotia, advised her to check out Atlantic Canada as well; she did, and found Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Bru... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Computers Called DaVinci

“When I was in high school,” says Heather Penney, “I had lofty notions of being both an actress and an artist. I just knew creativity and design were for me. But I was against computers. I wanted to do everything hand-drawn and hands-on.” The earth moved after she landed a job at a print shop. Expecting to continue sketching with a pencil, Heather quickly learned she could ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Conditional Acceptance—Keep Your Grades Up!

If you've been keeping your grades up and are interested in jump-starting your university applications, seeking conditional acceptance may be for you. Conditional acceptance (sometimes also called conditional offers of admission or early admission) is an approach many institutions use to accept high school students to their programs before final grades are released at the end of a school year. ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Confucius say, "You should take Philosophy"

Chances are if you've been thumbing through the student calendar for post-secondary programs, your eyes have been skimming over the philosophy section. Am I right?! For those of you who consider this field to be an easy fluff course in school, Confucius say, you should think again. Philosophy can be an excellent building block to continue your studies in law, business, medicine, political science ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Conquering the Hurdles

You're interested in studying abroad, but are worried it'll cost too much, you'll be homesick the second you arrive and you won't have anything to show for it except a postcard or two? Don't worry, most of the common misconceptions around studying abroad don't even apply anymore. The industry regarding education abroad has grown and developed into a smoothly run system. Campus Starter debunks some... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Cool Links

http://www.hsx.comDo you think the next High School Musical movie will be more successful than the next Harry Potter movie?If you're interested in making (virtual) money and you love movie news, then the Hollywood stock exchange is for you! The site works like a real stock exchange - actors and movies are assigned a stock value based on movie hype, box office record, the time of... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Corporate World Definition Daze

Addicted to The Apprentice? Think that you could cut it as one of Trump's protégés? Well, before you take over the world, you'd better know what you're talking about. Board of Directors: a group of individuals chosen by the stockholders of a company to promote their interests through the governance of the company. The actual power held by the board of directors varies widel... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Cover Letter - Model 1

Career Researcher PO Box 987, Beverly Hills, CA 555-445-3444 January 10, 2003 CONFIDENTIAL Ms. Linda Cornerbrooke Personnel Officer Human Resources Department ABC Company Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Dear Ms. Cornerbrooke: I would like to be considered for the Account Manager position your company advertised in the January 12th edition of The Post. My qualifications... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Cover Letter - Model 2

March 16, 2003 123 Some Street Syracuse, NY 67145 Mr. David Owner Research Director ABC Laboratories 980 Wordsley Avenue Syracuse, NY 67248 Dear Mr. Owner, I am writing to apply for the position of Biological Technician, as advertised on your homepage March 10, 20XX. Your recent move into the field of food safety and quality is of particular interest to me as I plan to pursue a ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Cover Letter - Model 3

999 Purple Road Seattle, WA 31649 (555) 555-5555 2/6/20XX Ms. Aimee Marcus Human Resources Director Any Bank 1155 Main Street Tacoma, WA 31887 Dear Ms. Marcus: Having majored in mathematics at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where I also worked as a research assistant, I am confident that I would make a beneficial addition to your Investment Research Department. I... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Credit 101

What is credit? Credit is not always an easy concept to grasp. Companies give you access to money based on factors such as how much money you earn, how much you have (savings or personal properties like cars) and your credit rating (how well you have handled your past or current credit). Credit lets you buy today but pay tomorrow. Companies charge for this service in the form of interest since ... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Cyber Scams and Internet Policing

You can now find a computer in almost every household. Although they are used mostly for personal use such as researching a school project or choosing a potential vacation spot, some facets of the criminal underworld have infiltrated the Internet, using it to engage in illicit activity. With computers giving criminals access to virtually almost every household, the Internet has now become a breed... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Danger Factor

The LifeQuilt commemorating young workers injured or killed in Canada is slated to cover the country beginning April 2003. Stitched together with dedication and hope by Toronto visual artist Laurie Swim and community volunteers across the country, the quilt will measure nine feet by eighteen feet at the start of its nationwide tour. It will include one hundred squares of fabric flanking a centr... > [more] Canadian Article Search

Daryn Jones's Costume Comes Off

So you wanna be in show biz? It takes a lot more than being the class clown to make it big. Just ask Daryn Jones. Daryn, along with “Mista Mo,” a.k.a. Morgan Smith, is the co-star of The Comedy Network show, The Buzz, and while Daryn has always known what he wanted to do in life, it didn’t come easily. Daryn started his comedic career at the age of seventeen, beginning as many comedians do — i... > [more] Canadian Article Search
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