Saskatchewan Education Facts And Trivia

Saskatchewan EduFacts The University of Regina was one of the first universities in Western Canada to offer a School of Journalism
Saskatchewan EduFacts Average undergraduate tuition for Saskatchewan universities is $5,600 annually
Saskatchewan EduFacts The W.P. Thompson Biology Buildings at the University of Saskatchewan hosts a full size skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Saskatchewan EduFacts 91 % of Saskatchewan graduates are satisfied with the overall quality of their educational experience
Saskatchewan EduFacts Saskatchewan grants over 3,500 degrees, diplomas and certificates combined each year
Saskatchewan EduFacts Average annual income of all Saskatchewan post-secondary graduates, two years out of their program, is approximately $41,061
Saskatchewan EduFacts The University of Saskatchewan will soon house one of the largest International Vaccine Centers in North America
Saskatchewan EduFacts Commencing in 2007, post-secondary graduates or journey persons pay no Saskatchewan income tax on their first $20,000 earned each year, for five years
Saskatchewan EduFacts Over 15,000 full-time and 4,500 part-time students attend a post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan