Ontario Education Facts And Trivia

Ontario EduFacts A portion of Albert Einstein's brain is preserved and held for medical research at the McMaster brain bank
Ontario EduFacts Ryerson University is the only university in Canada granting a four year broadcasting degree
Ontario EduFacts Over 350,000 full-time and 150,000 part-time students attend a post-secondary institution in Ontario
Ontario EduFacts The University of Toronto has produced six Nobel Prize winning graduates, the highest number of any Canadian university
Ontario EduFacts On average there is a 22:1 student/teacher ratio in post-secondary education in Ontario
Ontario EduFacts The average tuition fee for an undergraduate student in Ontario is $5,381
Ontario EduFacts Access Seneca College is the largest college in Canada
Ontario EduFacts Ontario grants over 84,138 degrees, diplomas, and certificates combined each year
Ontario EduFacts The Queen’s University radio station is the second longest running radio station in the world
Ontario EduFacts Average undergraduate tuition for Ontario universities is $5,381 annually
Ontario EduFacts Queen’s University was the first university in Canada to launch iTunes U
Ontario EduFacts McMaster University has graduated 35 Olympic athletes