Nova Scotia Education Facts And Trivia

Nova Scotia EduFacts Known as Canada’s Education Province, at 81 post-secondary students per 1,000 people, post-secondary participation is three times the national average
Nova Scotia EduFacts Average undergraduate tuition for Nova Scotia universities is $6,571 annually
Nova Scotia EduFacts Dalhousie University is the largest post secondary institution in Atlantic Canada
Nova Scotia EduFacts Nova Scotia is known as Canada's "Education Province"
Nova Scotia EduFacts Over 35,000 full-time and 7,500 part-time students attend a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia EduFacts The Dalhousie Gazette was founded in 1868 and is the oldest student newspaper in Canada
Nova Scotia EduFacts Nova Scotia grants over 9,500 degrees, diplomas and certificates combined each year
Nova Scotia EduFacts Acadia University is the only Canadian university selected for inclusion in the Education and Academia category of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award
Nova Scotia EduFacts At 60%, Nova Scotia has the highest rate in Canada of a working population with post-secondary education