Nursing and Allied Health

Do you want to make difference in people's lives? Do you like to investigate problems and find solutions? Do you have a knack for making people feel cared for and comfortable? If being there for people drives you, then the field of nursing and allied health is for you. This is a field that builds upon the basic sciences to explore health-related issues at all the various stages of life. Specializations include critical care, palliative care, detox, mental health, neonatal nursing, practical nursing, gerontology, community health, occupational health, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, nutrition, physiotherapy, kinesiology, occupational and physical therapy. Nursing and allied health programs comprise many university undergraduate degrees, as well as diplomas and certificates. So whether you're looking for a degree or diploma, there are lots of options at Canada's universities, community colleges, Christian universities and colleges and career colleges to suit your interest in nursing and allied health.

Nursing and Allied Health
Defined: 3- and 4-year bachelor's degree programs, 2-year associate's degree programs, and community college diploma and certificate programs in nursing and allied health.

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